A Scranton Christmas

It’s that time again– the most wonderful season of the year! At the University of Scranton, you can surely feel the Christmas spirit!  The campus is full of joyous, giving people who create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort. During the holiday season, the U decorates the entire campus with twinkling lights, trees, wreaths, ribbons, and bows. It seems like everywhere you turn, you find yourself admiring the décor that brings out the lively Christmas spirit. Scranton is a special place, especially during the holiday season. The faculty, staff, and students bring the true meaning of Christmas to life every year.

Take a walk into the DeNaples Center, and you will find that there is so much Christmas spirit in this one building alone. On the third floor, the dining staff creates holiday inspired desserts and treats that are so good you find yourself going for seconds…even thirds!

On the second floor, you will see a cutout Santa and a tree we call the Giving Tree. Students at Scranton take an ornament off the tree and buy presents for children who are less fortunate. This opportunity to give back to the community is always very successful, and the stories of happiness and excitement that result from these gifts are priceless.

On the first floor, there is a lot of movement going on! You will find students grabbing meals, purchasing gifts in the school store, and buying coffees at the “oh so loved” Starbucks. You will find another beautifully decorated tree on the first floor along with many advertisements for fun holiday events. For example, Scranton has local vendors come to our campus to give students the chance to check out unique gifts to buy for loved ones.

OK, now bundle up as you travel outside to view the campus from the Dionne Green. As you exit the DeNaples Center you will find a carefully set up manger scene to your left. Straight ahead you will see one of the biggest trees you have most likely ever seen in your life. Each year, the University of Scranton puts up a massive tree and decorates it with lights and a bright star. It can put anyone in the Christmas mood!

The University of Scranton is a place of selflessness and love. Everywhere you turn you will find such kind and generous people. This campus during the holiday season can bring a smile to any Scrooge. There is nothing quite like a Scranton Christmas!