Roommate Horror Stories

Okay so I though it would be fun to have stories where both graduate and undergraduate students tell me about, they’re worst roommate experience. Here are the stories of your peers!

1. Class of ’16 Fitch Hall

My roommate freshman year got completely hammered, came back to the room around one in the morning, and accused me of stealing the pudding in her fridge that she had ate an hour before she went out. She waited until I fell asleep and then stabbed me in the arm with one of those clicky pencils…I had to go to the hospital to get it cleaned/stitched. She got kicked out.

2. Class of ’20 Condron Hall

It was about three o’clock in the morning decided to comeback late because I knew my roommate would have some company over if you know what I mean. So, I opened the door and walked in on him *room full of lit candles* masturbating furiously on bed covered in rose petals. Apparently, that girl was supposed to come over and she did not show. The image still haunts my dreams.

3. Class of ’19 McGurrin Hall

I woke up once to my roommate having a wet dream. He woke up shortly after. We briefly made eye contact, he quickly got dressed, went to class, and we never spoke of it again.

4. Class of '17 Gavigan Hall

My roommate Freshman year was a bitch. From the moment we first met, I knew I was doomed. On move in day, she accused the help of stealing her jewelry. “You don’t steal, do you?” was her greeting to me. After our families left, she quickly responded to her psychiatrists’ email and asked me when I planned on dropping out so that she could use my bed as a couch. She was rude and was always loudly talking on the phone with her boyfriend. I woke up one night and they were having phone sex. Her side of the room was disgusting, and she told everyone on my floor that I was crazy and jealous of her because I was poor. My first few weeks of college were tough enough and having to deal with her was wearing me down. I coped the only way I knew how, I wrote in an online journal. 

I wrote about the phone sex, the entitlement she had and how miserable it all was making me. She found the journal, used an out-of-school email address to threaten me. I brought it to the RA and she asked to see what I had written as well. At the end of the day I was told that I had a problem with depression and anger and needed to get mandatory counseling, but I could move into a single room. The bitch ended up going crazy she held herself in her room and never went to classes, dropping out, and having a kid. I graduated so I guess I win.

5. Class of ’20 Casey Hall

Freshman year I had a roommate who made our room stink like nothing else. I could even smell it from the hallway as I approached our closed door. To make it worst the smell left a trail as he passed through out the building, just by smelling the lingering air you knew she was there. We thought it was a laundry issue or BO, but I literally see her take a shower EVERY NIGHT and she would still smell of this faint rank smell. It like it was coming from something festering from within. People would even approach me about HER funk like I am supposed to magically make it disappear. To this day she still has this smell, but she is no longer my roommate so no longer my problem!

These are the five stories! Some had to be altered to respect every individual’s privacy. I hope you enjoyed.