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Rock Out with Eye on Attraction

Ask the members of Eye on Attraction how they came together as a band and you’re likely to get an answer along the lines of this: guitarist Mike Trischetta and bassist Joe Terry were raised by the same wolf pack, where they fought dragons together and later competed against each other in a contest of strength, knowing just as well as the other members of their wolf pack that they would someday get together to form a band.  Sound a bit far-fetched?  They certainly found this to be a more entertaining answer then the simple truth: Joe, clad in a guitar t-shirt, sat next to  future drummer Andrew Merkle in class one day and noticed he was wearing a drum t-shirt.  Noting their mutual love of music, the two decided to form a band.

It is this sense of humor and love of music that has propelled Eye on Attraction into local fame.  All four boys are from Pennsylvania, Joe, Mike, and Andrew students at the University of Scranton while lead singer and newest addition to the band Zack Graham attends Marywood.  When they’re not studying for school or spending time with friends, the boys can usually be found practicing into the wee hours of the night or recording demos of their songs.  They consider their sound progressive, focusing on shredding guitar solos, complex polyrhythmic drum patters, and groovy bass lines to add to the story that they are already telling through their lyrics.  And when they’re not working on their music, they can usually be found playing shows.  The band lands many gigs at local Scranton venue The Vintage Theater and has recently begun playing more frequently at New Visions, also located downtown.  They even occasionally pop up at University events, most recently playing a short set on 3rd Floor DeNaples in a concert sponsored by 99.5 WUSR.  The band has plans to branch out from NEPA, hoping to play as far as Philadelphia, New York, and Boston during a planned summer tour.

When asked what he enjoys the most about performing, bassist Joe responded with, “The feeling and energy I get from the crowd, playing music they love and songs we wrote.”  Indeed, this foursome knows how to put on a show, as the energy they exude on the stage usually tops if not exceeds that of their crowds.  To compliment their ability as musicians, all four members are also extremely nice and very friendly, which only adds to their popularity as a band.  Though they’ve only been around for a short time, Eye on Attraction has already built up a strong and supportive fan base.  They’re the brightest star in Scranton’s local band scene and an act to catch now while they’re still University of Scranton based.  

Marie is a senior History and English double major with a minor in Writing at the University of Scranton. Aside from HerCampus, she is also president of the Royals Historical Society and active in supporting Scranton's local music scene. She can often be found wandering around campus, hanging with her friends, writing, exploring downtown, and doing work (...sometimes).
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