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Looking back at a past “situationship”, or a complicated/undefined relationship, I was able to reflect on how things went, why they happened, and where I am now. It gave me a clear sense of how naïve I was back then, especially when it came to red flags. It also taught me to always listen to other people’s feedback on what they think of the person that you are either interested in or in a relationship with, whether their opinion is good or bad. Not saying that you must stop liking anon if your friend doesn’t like the way that they dress or how they look, but if your friend points out a red flag as to how their treating you… then maybe you should take that into account. It doesn’t matter if most of your friends agree that you and anon are perfect for each other, those few people who warn you about anon can potentially be right (they were right in this case). There were quite a few things I let slide that I now realize I shouldn’t have let them slide.

It took me quite some time to fully accept our fate, but it was pretty clear that things would happen like this and I’m glad that it did. If things didn’t happen the way they went, I probably would continue this endless cycle of anxiety. In addition, I would not have been able to better myself and realize where I could have have been in the wrong in certain situations. Although this experience was emotionally painful, it helped me grow in the long run.

Johanna Rene

Scranton '23

Hi! I'm Johanna :) I'm a junior neuroscience major. I hope you guys find my articles to be interesting!
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