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Pros and Cons of Daylight Savings Time

Thanks to Ben Franklin it’s that time of year again. No it’s not national light bulb day…it’s daylight saving time! Last week we turned the clocks back and gained an hour for the winter and everything seemed right in the world again. However even though sometimes day light savings seems like a blessing, it can also be a curse as well. Here are some pros and cons of daylight savings time.

Pro: We get an extra hour of sleep!

This is the best part of daylight savings. Even though we only technically get one night where we get an extra hour of sleep, it is still the best thing to happen to us since discovering Netflix. If Ben Franklin were still alive, we would personally give him a hug for coming up with this idea and blessing us with this extra hour of sleep. #youtherealmvp

Con: We have to change all our clocks.

Raise your hand if you still don’t have your clocks changed!  It’s been a week and we still have yet to change the time in our car, microwave and stove. Oh well, at least your phone has the right time.


Pro: You have more time to do things.

Because our bodies will be used to the previous time schedule for at least three weeks we will reap the benefits of getting up earlier and getting more work done. Plus if your clocks still aren’t changed it feels great to see the time difference.

Con: It gets dark at 4 p.m..

It’s so sad when ywe walk out of your 4 p.m. -5:15 p.m. classes and it’s dark outside. Cherish all those summer sunset pictures in your camera roll, because if you have a late class you won’t see one until spring.  


Pro: Day light savings means that you’re one step closer to Thanksgiving and Christmas.

YAAAASSSS bring on the turkey and 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family!

Con: We’re one step closer to the 6-month winter.

Kiss walking outside in just a flannel goodbye because it’s going to start feeling like Antarctica soon. I hope you have your parka and Ugg boots ready.


Pro: The end of the semester is near!

Sitting in bed and watching Netflix all day for nearly two months is just a few weeks away!

Con: The end of the semester is near.

This is usually the time in the school year where you want to run away from all your responsibilities and start a new life to avoid doing work. With all the projects, papers, and finals due in the upcoming weeks you might want to rip your hair out, but you’ll get through it, and everything will be okay.


Jordan Gruttadauria is a NEPA native that can't wait for a New York City lifestyle. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and minoring in Theatre. When she is not working on one of the theatre productions at Scranton, you can find Jordan either eating a burrito or binge watching Law and Order: SVU on Netflix(I mean who doesn't want to grow up one day to be Olivia Benson). Jordan and coffee are a bond that cannot be broken, so if you see her on campus expect her to have coffee cup in hand. She is very excited to start writing for Her Campus and share stories with other girls on campus. Follow her on Instagram @jordangruttadauria and on Twitter @jordaaann13
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