The Perfect Summer Getaway

I have officially hit the point during the semester where I wish I could hit a fast-forward button and go to summer. The stresses of tests and projects are piling up, and the end seems to be far away. In my free time, I go on Pinterest and look up places where I want to travel. 

Speaking of, who doesn’t love to travel? Everyone should travel at some point in their life, but it can be difficult to pick the perfect destination. Create a bucket list of places to travel before it’s too late. During your travels, you’re bound to fall in love with one of these places. To start you off, here are some places I have on my bucket list.


1. Australia

I am in the process of applying to Study Abroad in Australia. This country is magnificent, and I can’t wait to explore Sydney and the Outback.

2. Peru

This country has adventurous food, llamas, and is home to one of the seven wonders of the world. 

3. Dubai

I went to Dubai during my senior year of high school and it was quite the adventure. I was introduced to so many spices from the bazaars and went shopping during my free time. I highly recommend coming here with a group of friends and enjoying what the city has to offer.  4. Greece

Everyone has heard of this beautiful country. We’ve all seen pictures of its mesmerizing landscapes cascading with white buildings that have electric blue roofs. Along with the amazing views, there’s delicious Mediterranean food, beaches and incredible culture.