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New ways to prioritize health while trying to live one’s best life as a college student

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

This semester was harder than most to balance because I am so involved on campus. I am taking some extra classes this semester because I was inducted into multiple honor societies. I also spent a lot of time doing theater and writing, taking time out of the day to prioritize that.

I do not make the healthiest choices because I am so busy doing something all the time. I either eat quickly or eat non-healthy options to go on with my day. After doing anything, I am so exhausted afterward that I spent most of my time lying in bed watching Netflix and committing myself to the gym.

Yet I realized the greatest thing to do was try to make some smaller changes in my lifestyle to try and prioritize my health. Here are a couple of ways that I made that prioritization while trying to be proactive…

i.) Be willing to take the stairs

I know that is a stereotypical thing to say regarding fitness and wellness, but it is so true. Walking downstairs and walking more, in general, is guaranteed to lose more calories. Increasing one’s step count to 2,000-6,000 more steps allows one to look at getting outside of one’s comfort zone. If one changes the routine of walking to various places, one could lose around 100 calories (HealthFitness). Keeping this in mind helps me be prepared is great and makes me feel more energized. It allows you to get your heart moving while allowing you to be productive with your day.

ii.) Go off campus to study/Try some more whole food options

Everyone loves fast food…but it is covered in multiple grams of salt, sugar, and dyes which is not great. It is easily affordable though for dining halls to have this as an option to eat…so they have designated pizza/pasta or fried food stations. Trying to go onto Google and look at cafes/restaurants where they have more whole food options. They will provide options that are healthier helping to increase energy during a stressful day. Also, these places have WIFI and outlets so it could be used to help one study. You could make it a designated part of your schedule to get work done.

iii.) Rent a bicycle

I am not sure if all universities offer the same option but consider renting a bike for the day. It is a good excuse to explore the surrounding area of your college or university. Taking the bike out would also allow you to work muscles while trying to get around as a method of transportation. It will make things faster if one has a class or a club meeting that is far away. Plan out a day when you need it the most and test it out.

iv.) Go to Starbucks and try and get something less caffeinated

I know that college is very tough and sometimes some form of coffee is something that will get us through a long week. Something caffeinated will help you adjust to college life, but limiting the amount of your intake might be beneficial. A normal iced vanilla latte is 170 milligrams of caffeine which is a lot to digest. It is supposed to give one “peak blood concentration after 15 minutes'(Healthline). There are other options from Starbucks such as their tea lemonade that have a lower caffeine intake. They usually range from 80 milligrams of caffeine for a Grande to a venti-grade serving. My personal favorite is iced matcha lemonade.

Amelia Semple

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