My Upcoming Trip to Amsterdam with My Sister

Everyone grab their best dancing clogs and hope your bike to get some fresh tulips because I am going to Amsterdam!!! 

First off, I just wanted to say that I am so excited for finals to be over and for it to be officially Christmas time! Christmas is my favorite holiday because I love all the magic around it. Yes, I am twenty-two years old and I still like to believe in the spirit of Santa Claus because what is the fun if you don’t? Even though I am excited for winter break, I don’t want the semester to be over because I had so much fun! This semester has brought me so much joy and memories that I will remember forever. Let me tell you, the weekends have been wild; but I would not want them any other way! I am going to be so sad to leave my besties here, but I am so excited to get spend so much with my squad at home. It is some squad let me tell you, comprised of nine girls and four boys; it is never ending laughs and shenanigans.

In October, I was asked by my sister if I wanted to join her and my brother in a trip to Amsterdam after Christmas Day. At first, I did not take it seriously, but then I thought, why wouldn’t I take this opportunity? Yes, of course my sister and I have traveled together, but with family and never on our own. We’ve been all over the Caribbean, California, and down the East Coast together. This is very special to me because this will be my first time going to Europe! I have always been to places on vacation that either had an American, Caribbean, or Spanish influence on the culture, food, and the people. I have never been to a European influenced place, so I have no idea what to expect; but that is what is so exciting about it! Plus, how cool will it be that I will be traveling the world with my sister!!! There are so many memories to come out of this trip. 

Amsterdam is known to be filled with beautiful art, people, and food. It is one of the most liberated cities in the world due to its outspoken nature with sex and recreational use of marijuana. Although the city may be very forward moving, it has a lot of deep-rooted history there. It has remnants of the Golden Age and Holocaust, this countries past speaks for itself.

My sister has planned out some activities that I cannot wait for! We are going to the Anne Frank House, doing a foodie / a famous canal tour of the city, my brother-in-law wants to do the Heineken Beer Tour, going to countless museums like the Van Goh Museum, and find the cutest cafes and bakeries that we can. We also are taking a day trip to Bruges, Belgium, which I cannot wait for. This is simply going to be a culture shock that I cannot wait to experience. I cannot wait to eat a stroopwaffle and experience this beautiful city! I will have to write about my trip after I get back, I cannot wait to share this with everyone! Bon voyage! Ciao! Doei!