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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Something that’s always been super important for me has been culminating the perfect playlist that emulates the situation I’m in. Music is such an important part of life to me. It allows for people to express themselves and share their personalities with the world. Just about every year I go through all my playlists fully and either re-create or deep dive edit them.

This year I felt that more of them were out of date than others, so I decided to re-create them all. You may think that it takes me months to make them all, but it really doesn’t. Every playlist requires a different amount of time and energy that I just find time to organize into my days.

An easy playlist that I normally start with is my throwbacks playlist. This playlist is made up of mostly the same songs every time because it’s all songs that remind me of being ten to fifteen hanging out with my home friends. Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber, Drake, and Flo Rida are just a few of the artists featured in my throwback’s playlist.

One of my favorite playlists I have is my Sunday morning vibes playlist. This was inspired by the mornings my housemate Aubrey Skolny and I have together on Sundays recovering from the weekend and cleaning or preparing for the week ahead. It’s a playlist of all songs older than me, and since I am a 2002 baby everything is mostly from the late 1900s. From AC/DC, The Beatles, Guns N’Roses, to Queen, Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Journey, this playlist has all your favorite songs that you learned from your parents.

Then just like every other college student I have my pregame playlist. This takes longer to make than others because it is not based on a year it was released. These songs are a

combination of old vibes, new vibes, and just songs to dance to. When I re-create this playlist, I take into consideration the new party remixes that have been released and those old songs that you can never not dance to. I always ask a few friends to send me their party playlists that I go through them to see any new songs I want to incorporate, then I edit out old party songs that we are tired of. It took me about two weeks to finalize this playlist but now its fully ready for weekend pre-games.

I also have a playlist that is strictly for new songs. It’s basically something I can just put on in the car when it’s just me or friends and listen to newer released songs together. I fully scratched my old one and only put 2023 songs into this playlist. As the year goes on and I have listened and learned the songs more, then will leave this playlist and enter other playlists I have. I really like this playlist because it helps me get to know the words of new songs I love.

Two other playlists I use constantly are my summer playlist and road tripping playlist. I am currently in the process of making these right now and I know these will take a long time to make. Since I have some OCD tendencies, for these playlists I will start from nothing and go through my entire library from A to Z.

For my summer playlist I will add songs I can see myself and friends listening to on the beach, by the pool, or at a bonfire. Most of the songs I add to this playlist have a specific meaning or feeling that reminds me of summer. My road trip playlist is made up of old and new songs that I can see me and anyone in the car with my singing along to for hours.

Music is such an important way to express yourself in life. I honestly do not know that I would do without music in my life. I love being the person to play music and make everyone feel like they can have a good time in every moment. Having ready playlists for all moods makes me happy and it’s such an easy thing to do as long as you take the time to make them.

Hi I am a sophomore at the University of Scranton.