My Mom: My Inspiration, My Supporter, My Everything

Inspired by International Women’s Month, I am dedicating this article to the #1 woman in my life, my mom. My mom and I have faced many hardships together and they’ve brought us closer to one another. Here are a few reasons why I admire my mom. 

  1. 1. Her Strength

    My mom must be one of the strongest women I know. She went through a rough past and it seems like every year she faces a new challenge. Not only did she lose her father almost 7 years ago, 2 years ago she lost her soul mate, my dad, just days before their anniversary. Then only 6 months later she lost her mother. 

    Not only was she hurting, she was watching her children hurt. She always says, “The worst apart about it is watching my kids go through it and I can’t help them.” She’s the type of person to put on a brave face although she is falling apart. I respect her. She is my hero. Sometimes I just want to be her shoulder to cry on instead of her always being mine.

  2. 2. She’s Dependable 

    Whenever anything in my life happens, good or bad, my mom is the first person I call. She may not answer the first three calls. But, she will make sure she calls before the night ends, sometimes at the most inconvenient time. Whenever I need her, she tries to be there but it’s not just that way for me. She also tries to be there for my two older sisters, their children, and my younger brother. Quite a few times when my sisters needed a babysitter, my mom would drive two hours to watch them. She’s Dependable 

  3. 3. She’s Easy to Talk To


    My mom and I have the best conversations- we talk at the table, in the car and at the store. We just talk about everything and anything. We talk about school a lot because it’s my first year at college and I’m living away from home. We have conversations about my health and my feelings because I was recently diagnosed with hypothyroidism and it’s been a rocky path of emotions and weight gain. 

    However, my mom has been there every step of it. She even goes out of her way to look up foods and exercises that are supposed to help me. When times get rough and I scream and I get stressed out, my mom is always the one person that really calms me down.

My mom is my best friend. She makes me want to the strong, independent women that she is. She always by my side when I really need her. She encourages me, supports me, educates me and comforts me. My mom is the best mom to me. I love you, Mom!