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My Favorite Podcasts of Quarantine & Summer 2020

Need something new and fresh to listen to? Here are my most recent podcast finds that I have been listening to over quarantine!

TRAINED Presented by Nike

This is a great podcast about health and fitness especially for athletes. One thing that is great about it is that you do not have to be an expert, anyone can listen and understand the episode. The podcast is hosted by Nike coach Ryan Flaherty who interviews several professional athletes, coaches, and doctors about training. Topics include mental performance, physical performance, sleep, yoga, diet, goals, focus, recovery, metabolism, and more. They discuss topics that you would not think to consider when it comes to training or have no idea to incorporate in. Each episode in about 30 minutes, not too long but not short either. Ryan and his guests provide you with great information to improve your performance and training that you can utilize and try!

Life Kite by NPR

Need some advice or learn how to be human in general? Take a listen to Life Kit to learn about all things in life. There are episodes about how to talk to children on certain topics, how to sleep, how to budget, how to get started in exercising, creating new habits that will stick, how to regulate your mood, health, surviving the holidays, how to make a good cup of coffee, and sooooo many more. If you want to learn something new or need some advice, scroll through the episodes and I am sure you will find the lesson you are looking for. The most impactful episode for me so far was “Making Art is Good for Your Health. Here’s How to Start a Habit”. This episode goes over how being creative improves your health and inspired me to get more creative and to make time for it during quarantine. There are tons of episodes to choose from and you will definitely be able to find at least 1 to fulfill your knowledge or advice quest!

This is Branchburg by Brendan and Cory

Need a new kind of humor? Then take a listen to this comedy! Based off small town in New Jersey, upcoming Adult Swim comedians bring you all the stories that go on in this small little town. (I am a little biased because this podcast is based off my hometown) Brendan and Cory have a different kind of humor that will make you chuckle. You think your community is weird? Branchburg is a step beyond what you are expecting with what the f*** moments. Listen to all the small stories about all the residents in the community and how things get plain weird. You will hear stories from the mayor, assistant manager of ShopRite, to the kids and teens going to school. If you love the podcast you can also check out Brendan and Cory on YouTube with their shorts!

I used to not listen to podcasts until quarantine and now I am a fan! I have come to realize that I am picky with my podcasts, so hopefully you enjoy my recommendations! I will keep you updated with my most recent finds!

Sarah Coulson

Scranton '21

Exercise science major on track to be a PT!
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