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My Biggest Gripes with Euphoria Season 2

We are over halfway through Season 2 of Euphoria, and while many moments have been ICONIC (I’m looking at you Cassie and Maddy from last episode), some moments or unaddressed plot lines have not been so. I am going to take you through some of my biggest gripes from Season Two

  1. Jules’ Character – The way that she has treated Rue, just dropping her for Elliot and throwing their entire relationship away because Rue is being distant is atrocious. While I commend her for telling Rue’s mom about her relapse, Jules really only cares about herself, and that is not a quality for a girlfriend OR a person to have.
  2. Elliot’s Character – His sole purpose so far has been to bring the downfall of both Rue and Jules. The fact that he liked Rue better when she was high?! Terrible. I cannot wait to see how he gets his comeuppance.
  3. Fez not facing consequences for robbery – He committed a very violent crime WITH witnesses and somehow he is just living life? Not to mention, he has Nate’s assault to worry about AND a drug empire to run. I am extremely worried about Fez, mainly because I will riot if we do not get anymore Fexie content this season.
  4. Kat just disappearing – Listen. We know the alleged drama between Barbie Ferreira and Sam Levinson. But simply diminishing her to basically a background character? Despicable. She has been reduced to the plus size friend trope and the representation she brought to the show is sorely missed.
  5. Season Two Oversexualing Cassie – I understand that this is a very mature and sexual show, but to constantly be shown a nude Cassie feels a little overkill and I feel that it does not add to the overall plot. Sydney Sweenie deserves better, even if Cassie is being incredibly idiotic by sleeping with Nate.

I am hoping that these last three episodes will address these issues and live up to Season One’s near perfection, but for now we will have to just wait until Sunday at 9 PM!

Jillian is a senior Secondary Education and English double major at The University of Scranton. This is her second year at HC Scranton, and she cannot wait to write amazing articles. In her free time, Jillian can be found hanging out with her friends or binging Netflix shows.
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