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On April 3rd, 2002, my favorite person in the whole world was born, Jacqueline Marie Rubino.

Jacqueline, or better known as Jackie to most people, is the best big sister in the world; I may be a little biased because she is my big sister, but she is still the best. Jackie is two years older than me and currently goes to the University of Rhode Island. She is the most caring, empathetic, beautiful, and smart human being I have ever met.

She is always there for me whatever the case may be, to do my makeup, drive me somewhere, to make me food, a person I can cry to, my personal hairstylist, when we both need a movie night, or just for me to sit in her room and talk to her. Jackie has truly always been there for me no matter how many minutes ago we fought or what little argument we got into last night.

Being able to work with her in the summer has shown me firsthand her amazing work ethic and her awesome ability to work so well with all children. I know she is going to thrive and do amazing in her field of work and wherever life may take her next she will go with grace and a big smile on her face like always. I say this with 100% certainty that Jackie has one of the biggest hearts and it may even be too big for this world, but she always shows so much care and happiness to every person she crosses paths with.

I would not want to be the little sister, personal photographer, paper editor, or hype man for anyone else in this world besides Jackie Rubino. To be able to have such an amazing big sister to grow up with makes me so happy because no matter what little thing may happen in life, I will always have Jackie right by my side.

I chose to write about my older sister because April 1st arrived the other day and we are now in Japril! I do not know when the word Japril was really invented but Japril is because Jackie’s birthday and my birthday falls in April hence Japril is because of our birthday extravaganzas lasting all month. From kids to now, Jackie has grown to be more than my sister, but the ultimate best friend, and I will always

be grateful to have her. There is no other person I would want to celebrate Japril with! <3

Julie Rubino

Scranton '26

Hi my name is Julie! I'm a marketing major at the University of Scranton. I love to read, exercise, go to beaches, drink coffee, and write. Two passions of mine are business and photography!