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Everyone has their own, unique interests. Sometimes it is possible to meet a person with similar interests and end up creating a bond over that shared interest. If you are looking for a good topic of conversation, The best way to go is to main forms of modern entertainment. Who doesn’t love talking about a new show or movie? Every time someone brings up a movie that you want to watch, how many times do you then go to watch that movie? This list will help you remember those movies you want to watch, and so many more! I have met numerous people who are truly movie critics as a hobby. Having talked with them numerous times, I decided that I Wanted to branch out and view more movies then the ones I had seen thus far in my life. Last semester, I took a course that was called “History of American Film” Which open my eyes to how I would watch a film. When you watch a film, think of the main meaning it portrays, The genre or style, and most importantly, the details of setting, characters in dialogue, music, and color scheme based on light.  I decided to find all of the movies that were deemed as most famous for such elements. This list, broken up into genre, has movies for everyone. Whether you are interested in finally watching your first scary movie (but not too scary), or another sappy and romantic film, all movies of different categories are on this list. Beware, as this list is pretty long. However, if you are like me, bored in the house, this is the perfect new “task” or “goal” of 2020 that is easy to achieve.  


I created this particular section of the list one year ago, after my roommate and I decided to do a Fall Movie Marathon! Each day, we took the time to watch a Halloween, horror, or fall-related movie together, considering how much we both love it! These movies are perfect for the month coming up! Even if Halloween will not be the same normal it usually would be this year, these movies can help you at least enjoy the season of it altogether. These movies are perfect to put a face mask on, get cozy in some PJ’s and a blanket, sit back and enjoy!  



V for Vendetta 


Corpse Bride 



Phantom of the Opera 



The Exorcist 


The Silence of the Lambs 

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 

Nightmare on Elm Street 

Friday the 13th 

The Shining 

Hocus Pocus 

The Birds 

 Sleepy Hallow  


Edward Scissorhands  



 The Addams family 






Childs Play 

Children of the Corn 

The Rocky Horror Picture Show 

The Purge 

 The Nightmare before Christmas 


Monster House 



 Sabrina the Teenage Witch 



 Haunted Mansion 


If you are looking to relive the good old childhood days, here is one way to start. These animated and kid-friendly classics are sure to be the best way to relieve stress from the trials of exams and assignments and adjusting to adulthood.  

Kids (animated, etc.): 

Space Jam  

The Croods 


 The Mask 


 The Sandlot 

 Mrs. Doubtfire 

Winnie the Pooh 

The Little Mermaid 


 The Lion King 




Doctor Doolittle 

Beauty and the Beast 

Sleeping Beauty 

Snow White 



The Princess and the Frog 

101 Dalmatians 

Lilo and Stitch 

Lady and the Tramp 

Mamma Mia 


Chronicles of Narnia  

Night at the Museum 

Old Yeller  


Robin Hood  

 High School Musical 

the Aristocats  


The Fox and the Hound  

 The Hunchback of Notre Dame  

 The Parent Trap  

Mary Poppins 

 The Princess Diaries 


 Bridge to Terabithia  

 The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe 

 Chicken Little 


 The Emperors/Kronks New Groove 

 Brother Bear 

 Meet the Robinsons 


 The Jungle Book 

 The Tooth Fairy 

 The Game Plan 


 The Pacifier 

Lizzy McGuire 

 Freaky Friday 

 Sky High  



 Toy Story 


 Monsters Inc. 


 The Incredibles 


 Finding Nemo 

 Alice in Wonderland 


 Bedtime Stories 

 Big Hero 6 



 Camp Rock 


 Peter Pan 

 The Little Rascals 


 The Muppets 

 School of Rock 

Saving Mr. Banks 

 The Greatest Showman 


 Lemonade Mouth 

 Radio Rebel 

 The Rugrats 

 The Wild Thornberries 


 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles  

 SpongeBob Movie 

 Charlotte’s Web 

 Tom and Jerry 



 Despicable Me 

 Kung Fu Panda 


 Wreck It Ralph 


The Pink Panther 

Roger Rabbit  

 Loony Tunes 

 Scooby Doo 

How to train Your Dragon 




 Ice Age 

 Happy Feet 

 Wallace and Gromit 


Shaun the Sheep 

 The Lorax 



Looking for some new Christmas movies you perhaps have never seen before during this Winter season? This is an ultimate list of almost all of the Christmas movies you could possibly want to be watching this year! These are perfect to watch and put your fuzzy socks on, bake some cookies and sing some Christmas tunes, all while sipping on some hot cocoa with marshmallows!  


The Grinch 

The Miracle on 34th St. 

It’s a Wonderful Life 

Babes in Toyland  

White Christmas 

The Polar Express 



 A Christmas Carol 

The Year without a Santa Clause 

Santa Clause is coming to Town 

Jack Frost 

Rudolph’s Shiny New Year 

Rudolph’s Four of July Spectacular 

 Home Alone 

 Christmas Vacation 

National Lampoons Vacation (original)  

 A Christmas Story 

The Night Before Christmas 

Arthur Christmas 


Four Christmases 

Office Christmas Party 

Almost Christmas 


Last Holiday 

Deck the Halls 

 The Little Drummer Boy  

 Charlie Brown Christmas 

 Frosty Winter Wonderland 

 Return of Frosty 


The Santa Clause 

 Mickeys Once/Twice upon a Christmas 



An Affair to Remember 

 High Noon 

Modern Times 

 The Searchers 


To kill a Mockingbird 

Safety Last 

Sherlock Jr. 

The Big Sleep 

Imitation of Life 

True Grit 

Gone with the Wind 

Singing in the Rain 


Pulp Fiction 



Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

The Thin Man 

Sullivan’s Travels 

King Kong 

Some like it Hot 

The Godfather 


Looking for a good excuse to belt it out, sing and shout, dance and jump and scream? These films have you covered! These films include all of the sing-along songs you have heard since childhood, whether it be from your parents or on the radio. These movies are the ones that make you get up and dance around your room for a bit to avoid doing homework. However, proceed with caution, because the music can get stuck in your head for days after watching since it is just that good.  


 Bye-Bye Birdie 

Hello Dolly! 



Sister Act  

 Cry Baby 


 Sound of Music 


Yellow Submarine 

 Bohemian Rhapsody 



 The Music Man 

 A Star is Born 

Westside Story 


When looking for a good film to watch at night with some friends, or a movie that will make you feel pumped-up and ready to go, or even a little more strong and courageous than before, stop at this list, because it will certainly do the job. These films are perfect to watch if you are doing some of those at-home workouts and want to feel energized!  


Top Gun 

 The Heat 

Armed and Dangerous  

 The Boy in the Striped Pajamas 

 Fight Club 

 Green Mile 


Blade Runner  



Jurassic Park  

 Mr. and Mrs. smith 

Saving Private Ryan  

The Bodyguard  

James Bond 007  

 Men in Black 

Lethal Weapon  

Charlies Angels  



American Sniper  



Bull Durham  

On the Waterfront 

Roman Holiday 



I am sure you are wondering, “what is the Best of the Best section?” Well, this section not only includes my favorite movies of all time, but also, movies that you can watch on any occasion. This list has a variety of heart-warming, intriguing, captivating, powerful and moving, and most importantly, addicting movies that you will enjoy on any kind of day. Looking for a movie to watch in the dorms since you finished at class and no one is around to hangout? These are perfect! These movies are classically-known titles and award-winning. These movies, while entertaining, may even educate you on new topics. These movies are the kind of movies you would walk out of the theater after watching and almost feeling as though it has changed your life in that moment, as if you are going to be inspirational and amazing like the lead in it.  


The First Wives Club  

9 to 5  

Friday Night Lights 

Driving Ms. Daisy 



Collateral Beauty 

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty 


The Devil wears Prada  

Life of Pi  

The Help  

 National Treasure 

Saturday Night Fever  

Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory 

Apollo 13  

 Goodwill Hunting 


Life is Beautiful  

My Cousin Vinny  

Rebel without a Cause  

 Ben Hurr 




Who’s afraid of Virginia Woolf?  

The 10 Commandments 

Smokey and the Bandit  



Kramer vs Kramer  

Fiddler on the Roof  

12 Years a Slave 

  Crazy Rich Asians 

 Green Book 

 Wish I Was Here 

 Back to the Future 


 The Goonies 

The Outsiders  

 The Grand Budapest Hotel 

The Imitation Game  

 Bridge of Spies 

Dead Poets Society 

the Shawshank Redemption 

The Big Short  


 The Breakfast Club 

Les Misérables  

Hacksaw Ridge  



The Martian  



If you ever are interested in dipping your feet into the realm of superhero or villainous movies, look no further. This section includes an introduction to the best movies that include evil characters up against the good guys, and most importantly, can then lead you into watching the rest of the series of the films.  

Evil vs. Good: 

Suicide Squad  

Indiana Jones 

The Maltese falcon 


 The Dark Knight 

John Wick  

 Mad Max  

 Die Hard  

 The Terminator 


Mission Impossible  

Iron Man  

The Karate Kid  

Star Trek  

Star Wars  

Harry Potter  

Catch Me if You can  

Black Hawk Down  


Pirates of the Caribbean  


Captain America 

Black Panther 





X Men 


The best kind of movies to watch on a boring day are the ones that will give you a good laugh. Classic comedy movies like these are sure to do the trick! From the ridiculous humor of “Ted” to the wild and crazy “The Hangover,” you will be guaranteed a mood-lifting and good-times worthy popcorn! Get out the popcorn and gather up some friends for a good movie night!  (because what college kid WOULDN’T enjoy a funny movie?) 


Austin Powers  

Dumb and Dumber 

 Wayne’s World  

 The Great Outdoors  



 Good Burger 

The Blues Brothers  

Wedding Crashers  


Cheech and Chong 

 American pie 

 Mean Girls 

White Chicks  

 Grown ups 

21 Jump Street  

 Napoleon Dynamite 

 Happy Gilmore 

Monty Python and the Holy Grail 

Groundhog Day 

Inglorious Bastards  

Cast Away  

Meet the Fokkers  


Straight outta Compton  

 Wild Hogs 

 JoJo Rabbit 

 17 Again 

Boyz N the Hood  

Straight Outta Compton  

Rain Man  

 Ferris Bueller 

 Forrest Gump 

 Blades of Glory 





The Hangover  

 Billy Madison 



Who doesn’t love a good romance movie to either make you cry or decide what kind of love story you want your relationship to be? These movies are the top picks in that category. From the tearful poetry of “10 Things I Hate about You” to the oddly-wholesome ending of “Moonstruck.”  


10 things I hate about you  

Love Actually  


My Girl 

 The Notebook 


La La Land 

 Sleepless in Seattle  


 When Harry met Sally  

 Youve got Mail  

 The Proposal 

Pretty Woman  

 50 first Dates 


Pretty in Pink  


 Dirty Dancing 


 Dear John 

 The Fault in Our Stars 

 The Wedding Planner  

 The Wedding Singer  

Moulin Rouge  

Little Women  

Letters to Juliet 

 As Good as It gets 

A Walk to Remember  

Sixteen Candles  


I have created this list section-by-section so that, whatever sort of day it may be, you can easily scroll to find the type of movie you want to see! I hope this list works well for your schedule and movie taste. The list compiles all of the most famous movies from online reviews, to knowledge of relatives, etc. Needless to say, go buy some popcorn, figure out when and where you plan to do your binge-watching of movies, and get to it! No more boredom or repetitive tv show-cycles, time for some new entertainment!  

Hello, my name is Dominique Preate and I am currently a student at the University of Scranton. I love Her Campus because I love getting to read what other girls want to write about, as well as all the new friends I have gotten the opportunity to meet along the way!
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