Meet the Team: Laura B. Goodman

Laura B. Goodman is a rising senior in the class of 2019 at the University of Scranton.  She is from Ridgefield, CT, and is a communications major with a broadcasting track and criminal justice minor. We caught up with her to discuss her involvement with Her Campus and about her last year in college.

HC: When did you join Her Campus?

LG: I joined Her Campus in the spring semester of my sophomore year.  

HC: What was the first topic you wrote about?

LG: My very first article was about my fitness journey when I lost 40 pounds during my fall semester.  

HC: How has Her Campus impacted your college experience?

LG: At first, I was really shy to join clubs and was unsure in how to get involved on campus. When I joined Her Campus, the female community made me feel comfortable. Writing has always been a passion of mine so writing to empower others and be empowered made me stay. Now, it is much easier for to openly participate and speak my mind.


HC: As a rising senior, what advice would you like to give other juniors?

LG: Don’t worry about the things occupying your mind junior year because they are not as consequential as you think they are.


HC: What are your goals for Her Campus as a senior?

LG: Keep writing articles that value quality over quantity. I also want to exceed in my new position on the editing team.


HC: Can you share a quote that has inspired you throughout college so far?

LG: “Underestimate me.  That’ll be fun.”