Meet the Team: Emma Hageney

Name: Emma Hageney

Class Year: 2019

Hometown: Villanova, PA

Major: Strategic Communication


HC: Why did you join Her Campus?

EH: I really enjoy writing. I think it is really cool that you get to contribute to one of the largest online female magazines. I knew about Her Campus before I came to Scranton through reading some of their articles. A lot of them were empowering and made me want to join.


HC: What is your most memorable moment?

EH: There have been many memorable moments, because I have met many friends. I would have to say having Dr. Lauren come in to speak with us had a profound impact on me. Her words really struck a cord with me causing me to even tear up during the meeting. It is amazing that we get the opportunity to speak to such powerful women.


HC: Why should other people join Her Campus?

EH: At Scranton we do not have sororities but Her Campus is definitely the closest thing to it. I have met so many amazing girls and life long friends while bettering my writing skills. Not to mention it is a great resume booster!