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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Name: Becky Bristol

Year: 2020

Major: Environmental Pre-Engineering 


HC: What brought you to the University of Scranton?

BB: I like the atmosphere of Scranton, especially how it’s the windest place in the nation (fun fact).


HC: How long have you been a Her Campus member?

BB: This is actually my first year! 


HC: Oh! How wonderful, how’s the experience been so far?

BB: Truly life-changing, I got to express myself, meet new friends, and stand up with women.


HC: We must know, are you still in your bag about not wearing tank tops to the gym? (refer to Becky’s most recent HC article)

BB: Yes, I still haven’t heard back from the school reps but at least it’s warm now so I can flaunt my sugar?


HC: What would you like to see Her Campus get involved in next year?

BB: I would love to get involved in some activites to help increase the recycling in the housing section, as a resident they do not have recycling bins for garbage pick up.


Hi, I'm Julia Khalil, I'm a Biology major at the University of Scranton. I was born and raised in the Electric City. Some of my likes include yoga, green tea, and anything related to the beach. I am excited to continue my stay at the University surrounded by the lovely ladies of HC Scranton.?
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