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Meet the Team: Annelise Valez

Name: Annelise Valez 

Year: Senior 

Major: Forensics 

Hometown: Reading, Pennsylvania 


HC: What do you wish to do with a Forensics major after you graduate? 


AV: I am going to law school, so I am using it to have a background in criminal defense. Most people go into criminal justice or politics to get into law school, but I am taking another approach to get in. 


HC: What kind of classes do you take? 


AV: A mixture of mostly criminal justice, chemistry, and some legal classes. Most people who apply to law school do not take such an interest in chemistry, but I believe that this will aid me in my career as a criminal defense lawyer. 


HC: What made you want to join Her Campus? 


AV: I am best friends and roommates with the CC, Emily Frey, where she expressed a need for technology development for this chapter in Her Campus. After joining, I found myself to be very interested in the welcoming environment of Her Campus. 


HC: If you are on an island, what three things would you bring? 


AV: BTS (my favorite band), an unlimited supply of olives, and Nintendo Switch with the only game being the limited edition Pokémon black and white!

Dani Dickison

Scranton '20

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