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Name: Richie Endico

Grade: Senior

Major: Business Administration

Hometown: Peekskill, NY

HC: What is your favorite activity on campus?

RE: I enjoy playing basketball at the Byron Center, especially Friday’s at around 4:30 because everyone shows up then. I also like to play chess with either my housemates or some other members in the club. Chess is one of my favorite games because of the strategy involved in it, and was taught to me by Uncle Leo when I was around the age of seven.


HC: What made you choose University of Scranton?

RE: I know I’m sounding like a brochure for the University of Scranton when I say this, but the sense of community I saw when I visited was so strong that it immediately felt like a home away from home. You can’t find a place with the “transformative education” we have at this university. And let’s be honest, the food here is amazing. As someone who comes from an Italian background where eating lots of food is part of the culture, the food here was perfect for me.


HC: What are you involved with on campus?

RE: I’m the captain of the Men’s Swimming and Diving Team, play percussion in the concert band and jazz ensemble, President of the Chess Club, and the Class of 2018 Senator on Student Government. I also play intermural basketball and dodgeball (Champs 2 years in a row) *dabs*


HC: What would be your dream basketball team name?

RE: “Getting’ Buckets.”


HC: What do you want to do after Scranton?

RE: Not too sure about that one. I think after school I would want try to find work in NYC and live at home for a year or two while paying off student loans. One aspiration of mine is to pursue my M.B.A. after undergrad, but I would hope the firm I end up working for could financially help me out with it. Ideally, I would want to study International Economics at NYU.


HC: Who has inspired you here on campus?

RE: Lots of people have, but I’ll keep it to a few. First, I have to give a shout out the OG Bernie Sommers Class of 2015. He was the president of chess club my freshman year, and showed me the ropes of college during my first year. Whether it was helping me out with the chess game, or just listening to all of his stories from his years at the University. Next is Ed Westlake Class of 2016, who was always like a big brother to me on the swim team. I always tell people that if the swim team was a fraternity, he’d be like my big on the team. He is someone who always had my back and looked out for me. And lastly, Cheryl Boga, who was a major influence in my music and taught me to always be true to yourself.


HC: Campus best friend?

RE: Can I pick myself?

HC: No.

RE: Fine. Derick Nyarko.


HC: Where we can find you on a Friday night?

RE: Well every Friday, I have my weekly book club meetings, then in bed by 11:15pm. In all seriousness, probably making a fool of myself at either the bars or the hill section waiting for the 12:00 to hit so I can get my dollar slices. Although, Scranton Pizzeria on the come up. May have to switch my late night pizza provider.



HC: How have you changed since freshmen year?

RE:  I have more of an appreciation of my education and the courses I take. During my freshman year, I was getting good grades, but I think the focus was too much on getting good grades and not the importance of the material being taught. Now in my senior year, where most of my courses are actually going to be relevant in the workforce, I am setting aside more time than I usually would for coursework. On another note, I don’t need to carry around only $5 bills anymore.


HC: What would you tell your freshman self?

RE: If was talking to my freshman year self, I would advise him to start looking for internships and going to career services as soon as he can. In addition, create a LinkedIn and start making connections, because I found out the hard way that its sometimes not “what you know,” but “who you know.” Also, go out some more Thursdays!


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