Meet Jessica Axelsson and Zarah Rosell

University: The linneaus

Major: Business Management


Meet Jessica and Zarah, two new exchange students visiting us at the U from their homes far away in Sweden.  Get to know them as I ask about their experiences, and what its like to be away from home. 


HC: How old were you when you first learned to speak English?

J: 9

Z: 9, we started in third grade. My first English word was pink!


HC: How was your arrival in America for the semester?

J: We went to New York for one day.

Z: We came right to Scranton after that!


HC: Is this your first time in the US?

J: I’ve been here once.

Z: Twice before!


HC: Were you two friends prior to coming to the US or did this bond you?

J: We are in the same class back home!


HC: What is one of the hardest adjustments you had to make since being here?

Z:  Taking multiple classes all at once!

J: That’s a really different thing compared to home, and also that you need to have a car to go anywhere.  Back home we take bicycles everywhere! 


HC: What is different from universities in Sweden versus universities in America?

J: Smaller classes and the teachers actually know your name. That would never happen in Sweden!

Z: We have small classes back home too, but it depends what courses you’re taking.


HC: Where have you traveled so far?

Z: This past weekend we went to New York.

J:  We went to the Mets game, and went shopping in Soho.  We went to a rooftop bar and had lunch.  We walked a lot and had so much food.


HC: How was navigating yourselves around NY?

J: We got a map!!

Z: took the metro and walked from Soho to the Brooklyn bridge. 

J: When we thought we were supposed to go right, we went left and a lot of the time we had to circle around the block. 

Z: It was hard to find which was the west or east side.

J: We had to stop at Starbucks every other block to get Wifi to check the maps and take screen shots.  


HC:  Are you only staying one semester or will you be here a full year?

J: One semester.


HC: After the semester is done do you hope to travel anywhere else?

Z: I’m going right home!

J: Maybe I’ll travel for a week or so with my friends!


HC: Where else in America do you want to visit?

J: I want to go to DC and we talked about Philadelphia and Boston as well.


HC: What is your favorite American food

J: I like sweet potato fries and mac n cheese!

Z: Pizza!


HC: Things you miss most about home?

J: My boyfriend.

Z: My family and my dancing.


HC: Is this a once in a lifetime thing, or do you hope to move to America one day. 

J: It would be fun to work here for a while, just 1-2 years, but I want to return home and start a family there.

Z: Same for me!