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Name: Dan O’Reilly

Grade: Senior

Major: English, Theology, Philosophy

Hometown: Flushing, NY

HC: What made you choose University of Scranton?

DO: I chose Scranton because I knew I would be more than a number here. I wanted somewhere that would expand my horizons, challenge me, and provide me with a great sense of community. I’ve experienced all that and so much more!

HC: What are you involved with on campus?  

DO: I’m a Resident Assistant for sophomores, a Co-Director for the Royal Ambassador and Tour Guide program, a peer facilitator for the International Service Program, the president of Praise and Worship, and an editor for the Esprit literary magazine. I’ve also gone on so many awesome retreats through Campus Ministries!

HC: What was your most defining moment at Scranton?

DO: My study abroad experience in Uganda opened me up to a whole new world and an authentic way of interacting with people from all different backgrounds. It also opened my eyes to everything I’m so blessed to have, from my wonderful education to so easily having clean water.

HC: What are your plans after graduation?

DO: I’m going to graduate school at the University of Notre Dame for my Master’s of Education, but during the school year I’m placed in a school as a full-time teacher, so I’ll be teaching middle school English in Fort Worth, Texas for two years. I’m excited for the opportunity but don’t know how I’ll do in the Texas heat after our long Scranton winters!

HC: Who is your hero/ biggest inspiration?

DO: This one time I thought about the very possibility of shaking J.K. Rowling’s hand one day and I started crying. So I think I would have to say her by default. Her story and drive to share her creativity and passion with the world is something that I think about every day!

HC: Funniest person on campus?

DO: My friend Courtney is hilarious both on Twitter and in person. She once made me laugh so hard I fell and hit my head on a door.

HC: Where do you spend most of your time?

DO: You can normally find me in the student forum on second floor DeNaples surrounded by some of the best people at this school! It’s a great place to get involved and meet new people.

HC: If you could meet any person, dead or alive, who would it be?

DO: I would love to meet Pope Francis! He’s such a great example of pure love and acceptance that I think we can all learn from.

HC: Favorite food spot on campus?

DO: Third floor DeNaples for brunch. The key is to take your plate back as soon as you’re done with it so you don’t have to make the walk of shame with six plates in your hand at the end of the meal.  

HC: What would you tell your freshman self?

DO: Let your walls down sooner. You are in a place like no other surrounded by the best people you will ever meet. Laugh louder and be vulnerable. Try a little bit of everything, but leave time for yourself at the end of every day!

Friend, daughter, fitness guru, serial bibliophile, part time pain in the ass, full time student just trying to find my path in life. Currently in a serious relationship with Superman and donuts.
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