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Meet Ciarán Lynch ‘17

Many of us at Scranton hail from the East Coast. However, this week our campus cutie comes from 4,000 miles away. Meet Ciarán Lynch, the Irish cutie who reminds us that we all need more hot sauce and Rugby in our lives, while giving us #relationshipgoals.

Name: Ciarán Lynch
Major: Bio-Chemistry Research
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Relationship Status: Taken

HC: Any siblings?
CL: Four. Two brothers, two sisters. My oldest brother is 21 years older and my youngest sister is 13.

HC: What’s the best part of Rugby? Is it the short shorts?
CL: Getting thrown in the air to catch the ball. The short shorts, I feel like people always stare, so I stopped wearing them to the gym. Freshman year I got crazy looks, an older guy on the team told me I shouldn’t be wearing them there.

HC: Best part of the United States?
CL: *Laughter* Freedom and cheap beer

HC: From a European viewpoint, what’s your thoughts on cheese whiz?
CL: Disgusting. Everything about it disgusts me. The Philly kids on my floor freshman year recommended it, but I had to have American cheese.  

HC: How did you meet your girlfriend, Tara?
CL: We met on Mulberry Street at 2 am the second weekend of school Freshman year. We didn’t really know each other until second semester.

HC: Favorite memory at Scranton?
CL: I have two favorite memories. The first being Parade Day Freshman year, and the second getting to the Finals in Beast of the East Tournament in Rhode Island last spring with the Rugby team.

HC: Best snapchat filter?
CL: The backwards one, of course. NO, the zoom, that’s the best thing ever. Like zooming on people’s faces is the best. I always do it to my roommate, Brian Ferrandi.

HC: If you were stuck on an island, what three things would you bring?
CL: My phone, Nando’s Hot Sauce, and my girlfriend.

HC: Favorite beverage?
CL: Captain Morgan and orange soda with tons of ice. The ice makes it.

HC: Fun fact about you no one knows about?
CL: I have my scuba diving licence, PADI certificate.

HC:  What do you want to do after college?
CL: I want to go to grad school, hopefully at Scranton for chem or bio-chem, get a job and live in America. Just living the American Dream.

Dominique is your everyday Northeastern Pennsylvanian, and will probably have a different hair style every time you see her. She loves being outdoors, and finding an adventure in everything. She currently studies as a Senior History, Political Science, and International Studies triple major with a concentration in Italian at the University of Scranton. Dominique also studied abroad in Rome, Italy, not only falling in love with everything Italian, all the pizza, but with travel itself. Weird facts: Her favorite word is melanzane (eggplant), she writes most of her notes backwards (right to left too) and has a 130lb white German Shepherd named Kitty (he’s a boy). Follow her on Twitter @domnommnomm!
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