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If you’ve been binge watching TikToks over quarantine like I have, it’s likely you’ve come across countless videos about law of attraction and manifestation. While manifesting your dreams and desires is becoming a trend now, this spiritual practice has been used for many, many years. 

In essence, manifestation is asking the universe to make any of your desires come true by believing it is already in your life. You can manifest anything – you just have to wholeheartedly believe it’s yours and it will come to you. 

While there are many different ways to manifest something or someone (that’s right, you can even manifest a certain person into your life), I wanted to share some helpful tips for manifestation that I personally find to be most effective.

Get a journal for scripting

My absolute favorite way to manifest is by using the scripting method. For this, you’ll want to get a journal and pen that you will exclusively use for manifestation. In this journal, you will be writing out your manifestations as if they already came true and how grateful you are to have them in your life. For instance, if you wish to land a new job, you would write out something like, “I am having an amazing time at my new job at (insert company name)” or “thank you universe for bringing me this opportunity to have a job interview at (insert company name).” Don’t forget to express your gratitude for the universe and make sure to date your pages so you can look back at your manifestations once they’ve become reality.

Set up an ideal environment for manifesting

Getting in the right headspace is essential for manifestation to work. In fact, being in a bad mental and physical space can actually block your manifestations from coming your way. I suggest having a special routine every time you manifest. I like to keep lighting in my room minimal while manifesting, I only turn on my Himalayan salt lamp (to clear negative ions) and some light purple curtain lights. Next, I light some blue sage or incense and cleanse the room from all negativity and stress. I then set out some crystals and healing stones and lay them out around me to aid me in meditation (I highly recommend amethyst for meditation). Finally, I begin meditating for about 20 minutes while playing 432 hz frequency in the background (beneficial for mental clarity and heightened intuition). This ritual fully prepares me to be in the ideal state of mind, physically and mentally, to begin scripting for manifestation.

Be patient and pay close attention afterwards

After you’ve completed your manifestation, it’s extremely important that you have patience and put full trust into the universe. Having even slight doubts or feelings of impatience can actually block your manifestation from coming your way. Additionally, you should pay close attention to the world around you for signs that your manifestation is on its way to you. Look out for repetitive numbers such as 1111, 333, 222 (also called Angel numbers), as they are a huge sign that the universe is granting your wish.

Hopefully these basic tips are helpful to you if you’re in the process of starting your spiritual journey and want to get into manifesting. Remember that you can manifest anything as long as you fully put your trust into the universe that is working towards your favor. Keep your vibrations high and happy manifesting!

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