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Living On Campus As An Upperclassman at Scranton

Welcome to junior year; the halfway mark of your college career. Beginning freshmen year, everyone was in search for his or her favorite house to live in come junior year, while you were still trying to figure out what you want for dinner from 3rd floor. The time has now come to decide to live off campus in the Hill Section, or call Mulberry, Madison, Montrone, Pilarz or Linden your humble abode. Have no fear; we have the 411 on ON campus living.

Staying on campus has its pros and its cons.

Pros: For starters, the apartments on campus are clean and reasonably new.  With the unfortunate truth being that most of us college students are broke, the campus apartments are a great opportunity for you to live somewhere really nice that you can call your first home. One of the best parts is that you don’t have to deal with grumpy landlord confrontations and the splitting of monthly bills between your housemates. On campus, all of your amenities will be included, along with central air and FREE toilet paper and trash bags. I repeat, free toilet paper and trash bags. Not to mention that all the furniture is included, so there will be no numerous trips to IKEA. Lastly and most importantly, on the weekends you have the privilege to come home to your quiet, “unpartied”, and unscathed residence.

(You when you get home to your clean bed.)


Con: Major FOMO. However, you have can have the joy of living vicariously through your friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend.

Overall, your two upperclassmen years will be a blast wherever you decide to live. Take all aspects into consideration, but if you’re a simple person who doesn’t want too much hassle, on campus is for you.

Jenna is a senior occupational therapy student here at the U. She enjoys making people laugh, frolicking in warm weather, eating copious amounts of food, and dancing the night away. Follow her on insta @jennarizzy
Karly is a senior exercise science major and aspiring acupuncturist at the University of Scranton. She loves anything that involves coffee or playing with animals. Her favorite pastime is hanging with her horse, Jack. Follow her on insta @karlym_
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