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Whether or not Scranton is the place you meet your own bridesmaids, life as a Royal seemingly compares to our favorite group of gal pals. So please, drop the bouquet, ditch the tacky pink dress and throw on your beloved (free!) U of S shirt. Cheers to train wrecks!  

When it’s Tuesday and you’ve given up already

When the cuteness of pet therapy forces you to smuggle a puppy into your room

When the weekend finally arrives

Trekking home after a night on the hills of Scranton feels like

Walking into class and SURPRISE! There is a quiz

When you and your best friend’s favorite jam comes on at a basement party

Legging season- also known as part of the Scranton girl’s uniform

When the bouncer rejects you from the bar

But then you actually get in and a guy offers you a drink

When the guy you’ve been crushing on breaks up with his girlfriend…           

Then you convince yourself he totally ended it just to be with you

When your family comes to visit

Meeting someone drunk means you instantaneously become best friends

When your classmates aren’t generous enough to share notes with you

Scrolling through pictures from last night and having so many regrets laughs

Attempting to get that spring break bod, but Crossfit doesn’t match your college budget

Your best friend’s reaction when you’re clearly hiding something from her

When you get 100+ likes on an Instagram

When you’re in denial that you gained the Freshman 15

You finally find your S.O. but you fear commitment because YOCO (You Only College Once)

But through all the craziness, you met some great pals and you wouldn’t change it for the world

*This article does not condone alcoholic drinking*

Lauren is a junior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Educational Studies.  This Long Island girl is guaranteed to give you a hug even if you saw her just a few short minutes ago. She loves anything to do with nature whether it is skiing, hiking or instagramming and is so excited to be a part of HC Scranton! 
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