Libra Szn

On October 12th, I turned 20. I did a full birthday article, but I didn't talk about the thing I can seem to shut up about - astrology. In honor of Libra season and HC Scranton's Fall Week. Here are five traits that most libras have.

  1. 1. Indecisive

    Libras are notoriously indecisive. This is one of the traits I identify with the most - thank you to my friends for your constant patience. We're always over thinking. Whether it's a major life decision or our order at chick fil-a - it's a struggle.

  2. 2. Understanding

    Libras are very understanding. We tend to be very thoughtful and go out of our way to accomodate everyone. We are people pleasers. That's a gift and a curse. Because of this we often sacrifice our own happiness in the process.

  3. 3. Diplomatic & Charming

    Libras are always striving for smooth sailing in conversation, work, and relationships. We tend to be charming and very sociable - one con of that is we hate to be alone. However, because of our diplomacy we often go out of our way to accomodate people. Basically, all world leaders should be libras. 

  4. 4. Love Beautiful Things

    Libras love aesthetically pretty things. We tend to be great decorators, and love all things DIY. We tend to be great organizers. This is true of myself and my other libra friends.

  5. 5. Good Listeners 

    Air signs love information, news and education. They soak up the world around them like a sponge. Libras are no exception. We love knowing things. We also are fair and value harmony. We tend to end up being the mediators for our friends. I'm half my friends personal therapist because I'm always there to listen.