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Dear me, 

Everything will be okay, and I know that is so hard to believe. Such a simple and easy-going saying that is so overused, but it’s true. I know right now you are feeling so many emotions; sad, anxious, upset, and angry. Trust me though, it will get better. One day, you will understand and know your worth. One day, you will set boundaries and demand respect. One day, you will start to care about yourself again. One day you will realize the potential you hold outside of this relationship. You will regain your strength. You will regain self-love. You will regain your confidence. One day, you will know when you have had enough, and you will finally stand up for yourself. One day, you will trust people again. And when that day comes, you will smile. You will laugh again. You will find your passions. You will dance again. You will eat again. One day, you will stop caring about what he thinks of you. You will wear what you want. You will look at yourself in the mirror and smile because girl, you are beautiful. I know you don’t feel that you are and you don’t feel worthy, but believe me, you deserve every single opportunity this life gives you. The world is so full of love and happiness, and you will find it again. 


I know that it is so hard to believe, but you will find yourself again. And when you do, you will be happy. So stay strong, because you are full of life and deserve to feel loved again. Everything will be okay. 



You from the future 

Hi my name is Bella! I am a Public Relations and Women's Studies double majors. I am passionate about social media, editing, dance, and fashion! I love to write and spend most of my time editing instagram pictures. I hope you enjoy the articles I have written!
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