A Letter to My Best Friends

This may just be the most cliché article that I have ever written. This may even be the most cliché article that you have ever read. However, a few people in my life deserve some special recognition. This is a letter to the most special people in my life; you know who you are. 


Thank you for pulling me out of my bed on the darkest of days. Thank you for bringing me dinner when I haven’t eaten all day. Thanks for hyping up my Instagram selfies, making sure I don’t text the f***boy during a night out, and making me laugh until my stomach cramps. Overall, thank you for encouraging me to be my best self. 


Not many people meet their “soul mates” in college. I know for a fact that I have met mine. I don’t believe that a soul mate necessarily has to mean a romantic interest. I definitely haven’t encountered one of those *cue New Rules by Dua Lipa*. Instead, I have found lifelong friends that I can see participating in my future wedding, my kids’ birthday parties and happy hour drinks after work. I could go on and on about potential “negatives” in my life, but I am one lucky gal to be able to call these girls my best friends. 


If you are lucky enough to meet girls like I have, never take them for granted. 


College is a petri bowl of fake girls and mean boys. Yet I have found a handful of “real friends” *now cue Real Friends by Kanye West*. I have also come to learn that a handful is all you need. Of course my girl squad still has little dramatic squabbles every once and a while just like everyone else, but that’s just an unfortunate factor of being a female. Ultimately, I have met the best people and made the best memories with those people in my entire life. Intelligent, beautiful, hilarious, caring and loyal people. So this is to them; I love the sh** out of you guys.