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Katie Feehery Is #WINNING

This week’s campus celebrity may already be familiar to some as you could have seen her score a few points out on the basketball court. Meet this week’s fun and outgoing Campus Celebrity, Katie Feehery!


Name: Katie Feehery
Major: Health Administration
Minor: Business Administration
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Media, PA

HC: How would you sum up fall semester 2015 so far in three words?  
KF: Busy. Fast. Exciting.

HC: What future career goals to do you hope to pursue after graduating from the University of Scranton?
KF: I would like to go to Grad school and get my masters. I hope to also work in a management position at a hospital.

HC: If you were a vegetable, which one would you be and why?
KF: Hmm… asparagus because it’s long, and lanky, like myself. It’s also very delicious.

HC: What is your favorite meal from Denaples?
KF: Cereal. I end every meal with cereal. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner… it’s basically my dessert. Oh or ice cream!

HC: What do you and your roommate, Carly Brufke, do for fun?
KF: Carly and I go over to our other friend’s quad and play Mario cart a lot.

HC: Despite having to wear the boot, what are you most looking forward to about this basketball season?
KF: I’m really looking forward to recovering and being able to play. I also like the big rival games against Catholic. Most excited to hear the trainer say I am able to play.

HC: Pet iguana or rhino?
KF: Definitely rhino.

HC: What is one of your most memorable moments from Scranton so far?
KF: Last year I was able to be a part of the NCAA tournament last year with the basketball team and having the first round played on our home court.

Favorite movie: The proposal
Favorite quote: “The most amazing things that can happen to a human being will happen to you, if you just lower your expectations” -Phil Dunphy, Modern Family
Favorite Tv show: Modern Family

Kayla is a sophomore counseling and human services major at the University of Scranton. One day she aspires to assist children with intellectual disabilities. Her favorite organization for completing volunteer work at is the Ronald McDonald House. She is also the events director for HC Scranton and is always looking for a new adventure for her and other team members to embark on. In addition, she loves to binge watch "The Office." Small town PA girl just trying to make it in a Scranton world.
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