It’s The Most Wonderful Time of Year

It’s the most wonderful time of year! Yes, you guessed it, the NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs are here, and we couldn’t be happier!  There is no better feeling in the world than watching your favorite hockey team fight for the death to win The Cup.  Sometimes watching these playoff games causes more stress than your upcoming finals, but we’re more than okay with that.  Here are a few of the best things about playoff season.   


1. Every game is an exciting game 

The stress and excitement of each game pulses through you with every play.  Whether you’re watching your diehard favorite team, or your arch nemesis, you can’t wait to see who is going to win and advance to the next round. 

2. The Playoff beard

The Playoff beard is an NHL tradition where all of the players of the participating teams ditch their razors for the duration of the season for good luck.  The tradition was created by the New York Islanders in the ‘80s and has been a superstition ever since.  Also, seeing your favorite player with a cute beard is always a bonus.

3. No stress of needing to pick out an outfit before class

Do you have nothing to wear today? Is it game day? Perfect! You’ve found an even better excuse to rock your favorite team's gear all day long.

4. The series comebacks

The NHL playoffs are made up of three, best-of-seven game series. Just because your favorite team may have lost the first three games doesn’t mean they’re dead just yet!  Countless teams have rallied, made a comeback and went on to win the series.  Talk about stressful!

5. Overtime

While overtime is definitely the most intense part of the whole game and may make you to want to rip your hair out, its also one of the best part of the game.  After three long periods both teams are tied up and this is their final chance to win the game. The feeling you get when your team wins in an overtime playoff game is indescribable. 


Happy playoffs, everybody! May the best team win!