It’s Lent: What are you giving up?

Hey ladies! As you know Scranton is a Jesuit college and it is now the season for Lent. For people who don’t know what Lent is, it is a time period of 40 days that Catholics usually give up something to commemorate Jesus’ 40 days in the desert. Personally, for non-Catholics, and non-practicing Catholics, I think it’s a great time to reset your mindset, get ready for the warmer months and also get in touch with yourself. Let me explain this more. 


So in Lent, you give up something like food or sweets to pay homage to the Catholic religion. I think that in Lent, you should give something up that you always do that you know is toxic and you can use to better yourself. Here are some things that I suggest:



So we probably scroll through miles and miles endlessly looking through pictures and memes on IG. But think to yourself. Does this truly make you happy? Looking through other people’s social media posts and seeing posts that make you feel inferior, will that better you as a person? Think this, if Instagram is just something that wastes your time and gives you an excuse to procrastinate, maybe try to lessen your time on it more. Giving it up may not be possible for some people but Lent is only forty days. Instead of using it, maybe try to communicate with friends more and have more meaningful conversations. Sometimes, Instagram can be toxic because we focus so much on the exteriority of things that something meaningful gets dismissed casually because we don’t realize it. Maybe try to look at Instagram only twice a day, once in the morning and once at night. Let’s not use menial time mindlessly scrolling through it, but instead use it to our advantage to see what our friends are doing. 


College and alcohol. These are just two things that go together. In college life, especially with parties, alcohol can be described as a necessity. But think about it. Do you need it? Can you see yourself going for a month without it? If not? Maybe try a week. Try one weekend with no alcohol, see how your body feels without feeling hungover and without regretting what you did the night before. Having fun doesn’t always mean you have to be drunk. Remembering the memories, you made the night before and not having to look at drunken snaps to see what you did might be the wave this month. But remember, to always drink in moderation and to always do what makes you happy physically, mentally, and emotionally. 


Hear me out. I’m not saying to cut off your friends. I’m saying to maybe lessen your time with them a little.  Have you ever noticed that maybe sometimes you feel obligated to do something just because your friends asked you to? Or that if you don’t go out with them you get FOMO? For this month, try to be active in the way you spend time with your friends. Remember that school is first and you should always put yourself first. If you have stuff to do, don’t let your friends guilt trip you into hanging out with them just for the sake of hanging out. Be your own person and take care of yourself first.