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Interview with My Boyfriend

So, for this week’s article, I decided to give my boyfriend of 3 months a fun little quiz to test how much he knows about me. I found the following questions on

If you’re interested in trying these out yourselves with your boyfriends! 

Q1: Family matters: what are the names of my parents, grandparents and brothers or sisters? 

A1: “Your brother’s name is Eric. Your mother’s name is Karina. Your step-dad’s name is Zack, and I don’t know your grandmother’s name actually.” 

Q2: Am I a dog person or a cat person? 

A2: “Dog person.” 

Q3: What is my favorite color? 

A3: “Pink, but it used to be black.” 

Q4: Who is my best friend? 

A4: “I would say Johanna because you hang out with her the most, but Liana is your best friend in NYC.” 

Q5: Do I have any allergies? 

A5: “No.” 

Q6: Which is my favorite food? 

A6: “Avocado toast and sushi, which are also my favorite foods.” 

Q7: Which is my favorite movie? 

A7: “The Hangover, also one of my favorite movies.” 

Q8: What do I normally do in my free time? 

A8:“Lay down and watch tiktoks.” 

Q9: Which is my zodiac sign? 

A9: “Cancer.” 

Q10: Which is my favorite sport? 

A10: “Nothing.” 

Q11: What is my shoe size? 

A11: “6.” 

Q12: Which day did we meet for the first time? 

A12: “December 6th.” 

Overall, he got basically all of the questions correct, even though he left out a few details for some answers :)