I love U, So U Love U

The sole thing that connects every individual ever known is the fact that we are all humans and we all live on Earth.  In order to fully grasp the importance of this simple fact, we need to understand how Earth achieved the status of maintaining life.  Now I know that many people have heard of the big-bang or how we are the only life ever reported (that we know of), but there is much more than that.  

Here are some facts, in regards to the complexity of the phenomenon of life: 

  • We are in the Goldilocks position – not too hot and not too cold! Being that Earth is the third planet away from our star (the Sun), the temperature is precisely the temperature that can support life.
  • We have a moon that is able to keep our oceans in check through its gravitational pull of the tides.  Now I know that this sounds crazy, but the tidal check that Earth receives from the moon was crucial for the development of sea creatures to then transition to the first land animals (eventually to us!).

I can go on and on about random Earth facts, but the main takeaway that I need every single reader to grasp is the following: Life on Earth is EXTREMELY fragile, where for some people, it can be taken away, or have already been taken away.  Life barely made it on this planet, and I do not want you to waste yours pretending that you are okay when you are not.  Because life is so rare in the cosmic scheme of things – I encourage you to live it up, and be yourself and not care what ANYONE thinks, because we have one short life to live and it’s all uniquely yours.  I challenge you to be yourself, take risks, do something that you have always wanted to do, and when people try to tell you no – but you want to do it anyways, DO IT!  Now I am not encouraging you to break the law or just use this advice as justification for an actually bad idea – just feel out your passions and act on them. 

Now if you have completely ignored or got bored with all of the science facts I spit out before, please just grasp this simple notion.  Be yourself. Love Yourself, and know that no matter the obstacles, immense pressure, or trauma that you have gone through in your life – it is okay.  It is okay to be upset, or depressed, or wishing that you were happy like everyone is perceived to be.  Having people that are not true to themselves, saying that they are happy and there is not one thing wrong with their lives are not being true to themselves. Please, I need you to own up to the past, and recover, knowing that it is not healthy to be happy 24/7. Being yourself and loving yourself means through the good and bad; especially the bad. Love is about forgiveness and understanding, and trust that it will always be better.  It will always be better.  If no one is in your life that can tell you that it is okay to be broken, depressed, lonely, or sad, I am here and I completely understand.  We are all humans on Earth, and everything that we have ever learned about our entire existence is from this small blue ball that we happen to live on.  Treat people with respect, love people, and love yourself - because I love you.