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How To Thrive in A Long-Distance Relationship

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

I have been in a relationship for about a year and three months while doing long-distance for eight of those months. It can be very challenging to connect with your partner when you live in different locations, but that does not mean it is impossible. Over the course of the school year, I have discovered many tips and tricks that help my relationship thrive in the midst of long-distance!

1. Set Up a Date Night At Least Once A Week

Life can get very busy for both you and your partner, which can limit your ability to talk. While texting is very helpful because it broadens communication, it is essential to schedule a phone call or FaceTime in order to see your partner. I have found that blocking out a period of time, whether it is an hour, thirty minutes, or ten minutes, is extremely beneficial in promoting intimacy and connection in your relationship. It can be easy to put your relationship on the backburner but that is not fair to your partner or yourself, so setting up a date night gives you time to reconnect and spend quality time together.

2. Start or End Your Day Together

This one is really simple, but sending a quick text to your significant other saying good morning or good night is a great way to start off or end your day. Even though it might seem small, it reminds you that even though you do not see each other in-person often, this is the person you are excited to talk to when you wake up and go to sleep!

3. Avoid Serious Conversations Over Text

My boyfriend and I had to learn this tip the hard way. Oftentimes, a text can be misinterpreted very easily. My boyfriend may send a text with the best intentions but if I am in a bad mood then I tend to assume the worst, which only leads to an argument. We would try to solve this argument over text but that only leads to more hurt, confusion, and frustration. Therefore, I highly recommend dealing with serious conversations or misunderstandings either in-person or on a phone call.

4. Fun Long-Distance Gifts

This is one of my favorite parts of being in a long-distance relationship! My partner and I love to make little gifts or projects to send to one another in the mail, email, or over text. These gifts do not have to be super difficult or take up a lot of time; sometimes it is just the thought that counts!

For example, my boyfriend likes to play guitar and write songs for me that he will record and send in a video. I always enjoy receiving these messages. I love to write, so I will create poems or stories for him. Making a little gift for your significant other is such an easy way to put a smile on their face!

5. Plan Your Next In-Person Date

Having a date to look forward to is so exciting! My boyfriend and I love to make a daily countdown until the next time we will see one another so that our anticipation builds. It reminds us of how much we love being together and just the act of planning a date can be fun too. You get to look at options of what you want to do, where you can go, and what you want to wear. Letting your eagerness grow is essential.

I hope these tricks helped you because they have certainly helped me not only manage but thrive in my long-distance relationship!

Marie Baldwin

Scranton '27

My name is Marie Baldwin and I am a first year at the University of Scranton. I love reading, writing, baking, watching movies, and dogsitting! I am currently undecided, but I am excited to explore my different interests and passions!