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How to Succeed at Finals Without Really Crying

As we enter dead week, the finals crunch is definitely starting to hit, at least for me! I remember being a freshman and being completely lost as to how to survive finals week. Luckily, as I finish out my junior year at the U, I have compiled a few finals survival tips that are sure to help anyone. 

Drink Plenty of Water!

I know it seems like a really trivial tip but hydrating yourself is the best thing you can do! It will keep you more awake and energized during a time where you will want to be dragging. Plus, it’s a healthy alternative to other sugary drinks and is great for your skin, so make sure you are drinking at least between 9-13 cups of water a day! 

Eat A Well-Balanced Meal Beforehand

We’ve all been there before: You’re trying to take a test, but your stomach keeps growling and all you can think about is the Chick fil A you are going to devour later, not the test in front of you! To combat this, try eating a meal that is fulfilling and if you can, eat the rainbow (have all the colors of the rainbow represented on your plate). Unfortunately, a protein bar or handful of cereal as you head out the door is not going to cut it, so make sure that you set some time aside before your exam / essay / project to eat a good meal! 

Get Plenty of Rest

It can be really tempting to pull an all-nighter, especially when you are facing a huge exam like the organic chemistry final, but trust me, sleep is too important to miss out on. People our age should be getting AT LEAST 8 hours of sleep per night, and finals week is no exception! Instead of powering through with nothing but your notes and a Red Bull to keep you company, study as much as you can during the day and make sure to rest well at night. Sleeping well may even help you retain the information you’re studying better, and you won’t be nodding off during your test and making silly mistakes! 

Make a Calendar of What is Due When

From experience, dead week and finals week has professors throwing every assignment at you from all different directions. The assignments whose due dates are so far away in May on the syllabus are now actually quickly approaching! It can be easy to get overwhelmed and forget assignments due to a lack of organization. Because of this, a trick that I found has helped me immensely has been to make a calendar! You probably have one in a planner that you have not touched since February but dig it out and dust it off. Go through each syllabus and write what assignment is due when. Bonus points if you have colored pens or pencils (Papermate InkJoy Gel Pens are my personal favorite. I will link them at the bottom!), so that each class has a color and makes it easier to organize. From there, it is so much easier to dedicate your time and not feel so much like everything is due at once! 

Allow Some Time to De-Stress!

I know this sounds silly, because the narrative during finals week is usually to study 25/8 and crash after but allowing time to de-stress is a great way to clear your mind and actually absorb some of the material you are going over. Something as simple as taking a walk around the Commons or going on a Sheetz run can give you half an hour to just breathe and regroup, making your studying time much easier to get through.

I hope that these tips are helpful when it comes for studying for your finals this semester. Good luck to all those who are taking final exams! With these tips, you are sure to do amazing! 

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