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During quarantine I found myself getting lost in worries about the future, especially surrounding things like getting good grades, getting into graduate school, and feeling like I’m good enough. I started to see more and more things about manifestation and how it can be super beneficial to achieving the things that you want in life. I saw people who manifested things like “living in New York City” or getting their dream job through positive thoughts and reinforcement about things in the future.

I had decided it was time to start trying manifesting what I want in the future instead of laying around in constant worry. I grabbed some sticky notes and a pen and wrote down several things that I want to achieve in my life and things that I am worried about. As I started to think, there were so many things that were weighing on my chest that felt so good to write down on paper. After I finished, I hung up the sticky notes on my mirror. For the past several months, every time I look in the mirror, I repeat the things I wrote aloud to myself. This has been so helpful for me because the more I say these things to myself, the more I believe them. For example, one of the things I wrote down was “I am an A student”. Saying this aloud to myself has really made me believe that I can achieve getting good grades and that I am able to be successful.

While manifestation may not be for everyone, it has certainly helped me to relax my mind and help me to achieve the things I would like to grasp in life. Manifestation has really helped me to believe that I can set my mind to anything I want to do. I hope to continue to do this and hopefully I will be able to manifest more things in the future and realize that instead of constantly worrying, I can do anything.

Lauryn Beermann

Scranton '22

Lauryn is a Junior Health Promotion major with a minor in Counseling & Human Services at the University of Scranton. She enjoys writing, photography, traveling, and fashion. You can follow her journey on Instagram @laurynelizabethb
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