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How to get through the final weeks of school

If you’re reading this, congratulations! You have made it to the last few weeks of school. This could mean many things for different people. You could be getting ready to graduate, planning a summer vacation on an island far away, or you could just be excited to go home and see your dogs. But one thing that’s the same for everyone, is that these last few weeks bring on a whole new level of stress. Here are some tips to keep you calm and get through these last final weeks. 

1. Plan things out 

Don’t let all of your assignments pile up and then sneak up on you. The best way to avoid feeling stress is to allow yourself to get things done in a timely fashion. Plan out what you need to do during the week and check things off when you get them done! Doing this will allow you to go to events/parties at the end of the semester and not have to worry about getting that assignment done. 

2. Don’t slack 

I’ll be the first one to admit that I’m a slacker. As often as I make checklists and schedules of when to do what, I get lazy and tell myself I can do it tomorrow. Don’t do this! It’s better to work for a few days straight and then have the weekends to yourself and have the freedom to do what you want. If you push things off until the last minute, everything will pile up and it will become more stressful. 

3. Take breaks 

Working nonstop for hours isn’t good for anyone. Take a quick 15 minutes break every 2 hours to give yourself time to breathe and maybe do the occasional scroll through social media. 

4. Get enough sleep 

This one is important! You should be sleeping an average of 8 hours every night. It doesn’t do you any good to stay up late and wake up early. You won’t function the same way and your work won’t be the best it should be. Sleeping in an extra hour or so can really make a difference in the quality of your work. 

5. Enjoy the time you have left with your friends 

Many of us don’t live close to our friends at school. Spend the free time you have left with them! These are friendships that are going to last forever, so make as many memories as you can. If you follow all the steps above, you should have plenty of time to hang out with your besties. 


The last few weeks of school can be vey stressful for all of us but remember to prioritize and take care of yourself. Summer is almost here, just hold on a little bit longer. 

Good Luck! 

I am currently a junior finance major at The University of Scranton. I love hanging out with friends and family because that's where I feel most comfortable. I'm the type of person who loves to go with the flow and just live in the moment because that's where I feel like most of my best memories come from.
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