Hi, I am 20 years old and I Still Decorate Easter Eggs

            Easter is one of my favorite holidays in the year. It’s in the spring, usually warm out, sunny, I get to see all my family, and do all the fun Easter activities. 

            My favorite part about Easter is decorating Easter eggs. Yes, Easter eggs. Every year, my twenty-five-year-old brother and I hard boil 2 dozen eggs and get to work. And I do mean we get work done. 

We don’t just make them solid colors with the typical clear crayon to write a cheesy message, “Happy Easter!” We go all out. We spend a few hours at the kitchen table, covered in newspaper, holding eggs in the colors so only a specific part gets dyed. We also debate and argue of what we are going to put on our eggs. We use sharpies and draw whatever our hearts desire on the eggs. You would think we would give up after an hour or so, but no- we put our heart and souls into these eggs. 

I love arts and crafts and everything else along those lines, but I love decorating Easter eggs with my brother. It’s one of my favorite things to do with him because it’s a super fun way to spend time with each other. We always get caught up on all of our recent interests of TV shows, people, current events, trends, memes, and all that other pop culture. It also allows us to reminisce and bring up memories of when we were little. We always decide on carton characters or video game characters from our favorite childhood shows and games, which then leads us into conversations about all of those things. We also started the tradition of making a beer egg every year. 

To show you how much my brother and I love our eggs and are dedicated to their appearance, here are some that we have done in the past!




I love spending time with my brother and we both love decorating eggs every year. My mom questions why every year, but she can see that we do it because it’s always so much fun for us. It lets us be kids again because a common thing we bring up is how we both wish we were twelve again and didn’t have to worry about jobs, college, and other adult things. The most important things were food, video games, and friends. And of course, we force our dad to hide some plastic eggs around the house and yard so we can go searching for them. It ends up in a brawl at this point because we no longer have distinct eggs for each of us. It is a free for all/every man for themselves Easter egg hunt. Happy Easter, everyone!