HCScranton Around the World

Here in Scranton, we love to travel and see the world! You can find a number of our students, (especially some of our HCScranton members!) studying abroad or jet setting to a fun, adventurous vacation. Follow some of our team as they travel around the world!

Donna Amore ‘16 studied abroad in Australia! Here she is sitting outside of the Sydney Opera House.

Elissia Gobencion ‘15 studied abroad in Japan! This is a photo of her after hiking to the summit of Mt. Fuji, which stands at 12,389 feet high.

Here is Jenna Rizzuto ’17 this winter break at the southernmost point of the U.S.A, Key West, Florida!

While Eli Saks ’17 was in London, she visited Platform 9¾  (from Harry Potter) at King’s Cross Station.

Emily Darcy ’17 visited Charleston, South Carolina over winter break. Here she was able to escape the cold winter storm Juno!

Best friends Elise Chaffiotte ’15 and Samantha Milazzo ’16 spent time in Florence, Italy this January. Here they are posing in front of il Duomo!

Here I am in this past June in Guyana, South America on a service trip!

We hope you enjoyed our little HC Scranton trip around the world!

Editors Note: Each picture is courtesy of those photographed.

Do you have a picture you want to share with campus? Are you studying abroad this semester? Submit photos to [email protected] and your picture could be featured in our Snapshot section!