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It’s the best feeling in the world when someone asks me what sport I play because when I respond with golf, they are always taken off guard. Most people say, “wow, that is so cool!” I think it is awesome because golf is a male dominated sport, but recently women’s golf has taken off. For example, at my high school there was a boy’s golf team, but I went to the school board and asked them to create a girl’s golf team because there wasn’t one. They made a women’s golf team for my high school which I am extremely proud of. Other schools were also starting women’s golf teams; women’s golf is growing immensely.   


Many people look at golf and say it is boring to watch and for old men, but I say to them “try it.” Honestly, golf is one of the most mechanically and mentally challenging games of all time. It is so much more than just hitting a ball with a club. There are different angled clubs to hit the ball different heights and distances, so many rules, walking and carrying a golf bag for hours, and the mechanics of the golf swing are very difficult.


Golf has also taught me so many lessons like being patient, working hard at practice, having confidence, and being a good teammate. Golf has given me a network of people that are so valuable in my life: friends, coaches, teammates, and even the guys that hang around at the country club.

If you’re into fashion, I think that golf attire is one of the classiest uniforms of all time. Courses require all golfers to wear a button up polo, a golf skirt, and a hat. The combination makes a person look so professional and intimidating. I love it.


If you have never tried golfing, I urge you to take a ride to your local driving range and give it a shot. You will definitely appreciate it more and maybe even like it.

Emma Nemitz

Scranton '22

Chemistry Business Major Golf Team From Moscow, PA
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