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Gina, Your “Sorce” for Mets News!

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Scranton chapter.

Gina Sorce, the eloquent public relations major, is not only an MLB fan but an employee as well! In addition to working for the New York Yankees and New York Mets, she has worked for the University of Scranton Programming board for 3 years. Always active and ready to help, Gina is the ideal role model for everyone.

Name: Gina SorceYear: 2015Major: Strategic CommunicationHometown: Sparta, NJ

HC: Who’s your favorite MLB Player?GS: Derek Jeter. He was rehabbing with the RailRiders, the Yankees AAA team, in July 2013 after breaking his ankle during the 2012 playoffs. I was watching him during batting practice before the game. He came off the field and said hello to me and I almost died… It was the most amazing week of my life, being able to stand on be field and watch him do warm-ups before any fans showed up! While he was there, the entire series was sold out. Whenever he got up to bat, all movement on the concourse stopped and everyone watched in awe.

HC: What made you want to work in Public Relations?GS: I have always had a love for writing. Ever since I was in high school, I really found it to be my passion. Originally, I started in journalism, but it wasn’t creative enough for me. I didn’t like writing the standard news stories. I couldn’t really use any of my personality. Public Relations allows me to use different creative aspects, and there is a lot of writing involved so I like it!

HC: How do you like the public relations major?GS: I love the program here. I think Dr. Sufyan Mohammed is amazing. He has so much real world experience. I took PR Agency last semester and that was one of the hardest classes that I took here, but it was very rewarding. Now I have a plans book that we created on our own to bring to future employers.

HC: How did you a land a job with the New York Mets?GS: I have been working in sports since 2012. I worked for the Scranton/Wilkes-Barre RailRiders as a marketing intern. So, I applied for the summer internship program for the Mets and I was contacted for an interview! It was this huge process with twenty people in the room. It was very intimidating! I was offered a position in the non-game day events department, which helped because of my USPB experience with events. I had a really great experience there. I oversaw a lot of different events and then I shadowed the media relations department. I guess I made a good impact because they asked me to come back for the summer to do public relations/marketing for their department, which they didn’t have a position for.

I have been dreaming to work for the MLB since I was 8 years old. I would go around and tell people I was going to work for the Yankees, which I did for a little last semester! The fact that I am with the Mets is an absolute dream come true. The first day I was freaking out, sitting in the parking lot, staring at the huge stadium! I had to take deep breath, like OMG! But I felt very at home there… the whole organization is like one big family; everyone is friendly, everyone is looking out for each other, everyone is happy to be there, and that is the kind of place I want to work.

HC: What was your favorite experience?GS: Oh I had so many… I am so happy I got to work for the Yankees during the New Era Pinstripe Bowl. I am a huge Yankees fan, so that was an absolute dream come true… Just walking around Yankee stadium as an employee and having my own ID badge that said ‘New York Yankees’ on it… that was crazy!

HC: As a huge Yankees fan how do you feel working for the Mets?GS: I am just blessed to be working for professional sports in general as it is such a competitive industry and it is very, very hard to get into the MLB. As a Yankees fan it does not really matter. I am there to do what I am passionate about and that is working in sports and helping the team that I am working for have a good public standing… they have become my second team!

HC: Who or what encouraged your passion for the sports field?GS: My dad had a huge influence on me. I am basically the female clone of my dad. I would watch every single Yankee game with him growing up. I would ask him questions about the game. I would keep score and write notes. He would teach me about different players and I just fell in love with the sport…then I realized I could combine my passion for writing and baseball to one thing… PR!

HC: Are you a part of any clubs or activities on campus?GS: Yes, I have been on the University of Scranton Programming board for three years… This year I am the vice chair of special events. I oversee three committees and six committee heads as well as the budget for that side of the board. It is a big change from what I was used to because it is more of a management position, but it has been a very rewarding experience.

HC: Does USPB take up a lot of your time? How do you manage?GS: Oh yeah… I live off campus and I will literally leave my house at 9 a.m. and not go back until late at night. I am just so active; every free second I have I am in the office doing something. I like being busy, and when I don’t have anything to do it makes very anxious. I am always looking to stay busy so it has worked out for me.

HC: What is your favorite USPB event and why?GS: I would have to say Mr. And Ms. Scranton. It is for juniors and seniors and it is a contestant based pageant competition. It gives people a chance to show their peers and their friends how talented they are and how passionate they are about the school. It really brings out the ideals of going to a Jesuit institution. I think it is a really cool event that we do… and that it is focused on the students. There were no empty seats in the ballroom, people were standing on the back wall!

HC: What advice do you have for communication students looking to go into the field of sports?GS: Get started early. My first internship was when I was going to into my sophomore year of college. I have had five internships and this will be my sixth. Don’t drive yourself crazy with it, but networking is essential! In sports, people turn over quick… they will start in the minor leagues and move onto another team get that experience and move onto the major leagues. The more experience you can get now, the better position you put yourself in getting something fulltime when you graduate!

Elissia Gobencion is a senior at The University of Scranton. She majors in Strategic Communications and has a minor in General Business. She studied abroad in Japan and summited Mount Fuji. Her favorite show is Game of Thrones. She fantasizes about globe trekking. Her weakness is Doritos Cool Ranch.
Elise is a Jersey girl who loves to travel the world, she enjoys keeping up with the latest fashion trends and believes an Instagram a day keeps the doctor away. She is a senior at the University of Scranton majoring in Strategic Communication with a minor in Writing. Elise is the Campus Correspondent of Her Campus Scranton, which she co-founded in September 2014 with her best friend Samantha (every brunette needs a blonde right?) This past summer she interned in Public Relations at The Thomas Collective, a boutique lifestyle agency in New York City. When her toes are not in the sand, she’s hailing a cab or packing her bags ready to jet set anywhere and everywhere. Fun Fact: Elise is a member of Scranton’s Equestrian team. Follow her on Instagram @liseyleelee and on Twitter @eliseteresa!