Gemini: best or worst zodiac sign?

Okay, so, I already know what you’re thinking… the whole misconception about Gemini being two-faced meaning we are all backstabbing people. HOWEVER, this doesn’t mean we’re backstabbing. It does mean that we can just read the room very well. Gemini’s are very good at mirroring other people’s personalities and picking up on their emotions/thoughts. Gemini’s can get along with a wide variety of people because of this skill. They are also really good at telling when people are upset and are great at comforting people. They are good at comforting because they know how to comfort different individuals by picking up on their cues. So, no, we aren’t all backstabbing b******. Although, some Gemini’s can use this skill and become very very toxic. Gemini’s definitely know how to manipulate by mirroring other people and get them to fall in love with them quite quickly and easily. It all depends on the Gemini you come across and how they want to use their skills. From personal experience of being a caring Gemini and being in a relationship with a toxic one, it is definitely a hit or miss situation. So, I would definitely recommend running away from a bad Gemini. But hey, don’t hate on all of us Gemini’s because some of us are very sweet and welcoming. So, in my opinion Gemini can be the best sign but it can also be the worst sign you’ve ever encountered.