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Five Netflix Shows You Need to Watch NOW!

There are a lot of shows on Netflix right now, but there are only certain ones that can really draw you in and make you feel as if you are invested in what happens to each and every character. These five shows have helped me get through crazy points in my life by allowing me to just watch and forget about everything that’s happening around me. Hopefully you can give them a shot and fall in love with every character, every relationship, every twist and turn, and every laugh just as I did. 


1.  New Girl

This show tells the tales of a girl named Jessica Day and her days living in a loft with three men; Nick Miller, Schmidt, and Winston Bishop (and sometimes Coach too). It features love, laughs, and wittiness that will make you fall in love with each and every character. Even minor characters, like Outside Dave, leave a small impression on you and make you laugh when you are down. On top of this, the love between each character and their significant other makes you yearn for a love similar to theirs. Jess and Nick, Winston and Allie, and Cece and Schmidt will have you stuck on a roller-coaster of emotions as you route for them, cry with them, and love with them the entire show. All in all, this show will have you fall in love with every character and will have you laughing until you can’t breathe anymore. 

2. Jane the Virgin

This show is based on a telenovela, and if you don’t know what that is, you definitely should. It is a show that features typically Latin actors and actresses that features wild twists and turns that you can never see coming. Jane Villanueva makes a promise to her grandmother, and to God, that she will wait to have sex until marriage. However, after a mix up at the gynecologist’s office, she finds herself pregnant. This show keeps you in the edge of your seat when it follows Jane’s love life with the two main men in the show, Rafael and Michael. It features crazy turns like murders, twin sisters, evil plans, many babies and more to satisfy your soap opera needs in a more modern and interesting way. 


3. Hart of Dixie

Hart of Dixie is based on the life of a hot shot New York doctor who finds herself heading to Alabama to inherit her estranged fathers medical practice. It tells about her adjustment to the small and overwhelming town of Bluebell and love life of Dr. Zoey Hart. This show makes me want to move to a small town in the country as the characters you meet in the show just make you fall in love with every one of them. Some knock outs to keep an eye out for are Lemon Breiland, the town “good girl” who is destined to marry her high school sweetheart, George Tucker, until Dr. Hart comes around. Another one and personally my favorite character in this show is Wade Consella. Wade is the bad boy who lives next door to Dr. Hart and always pushes her buttons; however, he and Dr. Hart seem to be perfect for each other, unless George Tucker has anything to say about it. 


4. Life Unexpected

This show is about three people: a radio show host Cate Cassidy, a bar owner Nate Bazile, and their daughter Lux. But, there is a catch. Cate and Nate had their child years and years ago and put her up for adoption when they were only kids themselves. Now after fifteen years in the foster care system, Lux is filling for emancipation and comes face to face with her birthparents. Life Unexpected pulls you in as you watch Lux form relationships with her parents and lets you see them become a family again. 

5. Glow

This show is all about girl power. It is basically the women’s equivalent to WWE wrestling but set in the 1980’s. Ruth is the main character. You watch her form relationships with all of the female wrestlers and watch her try to repair her relationship with her best friends after sleeping with her husband! There are heartbreaks and twists and turns that will keep you coming back for more with these ladies. It shows the struggles women had to face back then and still have to face today. It shows friendship and support from woman to woman, and is real in a way that makes you fall in love with all of the characters, even the one who dresses up like a wolf on a daily basis. 

Sabrina Verdi

Scranton '21

A Occupational Therapy student at the University of Scranton that lives off of stress, ice cream, and laughter.
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