Finals Week as Told By Olivia Pope

As finals week quickly approaches, all we seem to be doing is finishing papers, chugging coffee and spending countless hours in the library. Will you ever finish? Will you ever see your bed again? Hopefully! But TBH, we’re not even sure Olivia Pope can handle this finals week.

When no one in your study group started the study guideWhen your professors proclaims that you cannot wait until the night before to start studyingWhen it is the night before a final and of course, you know absolutely nothing When you spot a topic on a final that was NOT on the study guideWhen you are on your third all-nighter and have been living in the same sweatshirt and leggings for three days When you even start to question yourself if you can get everything done, but then you strike back


When you look down at the first page of a final and recognize NOTHING

When you are trying to decide between A and C but have no clue which one is the correct answerWhen everyone in your group project is sending out a search team for you, but you have been busy taking a nap When everyone is being stingy with sharing study guides and you think you might just have to make it on your own Constant mood during finals week When you have been confined within the walls of the library for eternityBut PAUSE, do a little dance, make a little noise, finals week is over and you can finally go home!When you finally come to terms with the reality of the finals week Fall semester 2015 and think, “what’s done is done.”

Good luck on finals! Pretend you are one of Olivia Pope’s Gladiators and get it done! (Even when you are on your fourth cup of coffee and half-clean leggings.) You got this!

XOXO, HCScranton