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Falling in Love at College

On June 28, 2018, I had my student orientation at the University of Scranton and met the boy of my dreams. At the time I didn’t know it, but now I do. We talked all summer and then on the first day of school we began hanging out and became best friends. It felt like I knew him my whole life, that’s how close we instantly were. Exactly three months after meeting at orientation, we started dating and that’s where our story begins. 


Those next few months were the best months ever. We spent the days playing golf together (we’re both on the golf team), studying for our calculus class that we had together (ugh), going out for dinner (Taco Bell’s our fav), going to the gym, and just making memories that will last forever. Finally, it was winter break at school so we both had to go back home.


He lives in New York and I live in Pennsylvania, so it was hard to go from being together every day to only seeing each other a few days out of the month. It was difficult at first, but definitely taught me to appreciate the time we get to spend together even more. Honestly, it was really fun making road trips back and forth and going on super cool adventures with my favorite person. 


Some of the things we did together were go to a country concert at a bar in NY, went hiking one morning to a beautiful lookout, went to an NHL hockey game in New Jersey, went cosmic ice skating, and went bowling with our best friends from school. 


I wouldn’t change a thing about it at all. No matter how close or far away we are from each other, we always figure out a way to come together and that’s what really matters when you love somebody. 


Emma Nemitz

Scranton '22

Chemistry Business Major Golf Team From Moscow, PA
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