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Dominican Republic Service Trip: Meet Isabel Mullooly!

Name: Isabel Mullooly

Year: Junior

Major: Nursing

Hometown: Colts Neck

I had the opportunity to sit down with Isabel Mullooly, a junior here at the University of Scranton. Isabel is a nursing student who is involved in Her Campus. She is a very hardworking and committed student. Isabel is often spotted outside on the Dionne Green or sitting at a table on second floor DeNaples doing homework. Besides being dedicated to her studies and helping others through her prospective profession, Isabel is going on a service trip early next year. This service trip will take place in the Dominican Republic, January 2018.

HC: What will you be doing while you are in the Dominican Republic?

IM: I will be going with a team of approximately 30 people including doctors, nurse practitioners, interpreters and nursing students. We will be providing medical assistance and will be personally delivering medical supplies to the medical clinics. It may be the only time that these families see any medical treatment until the group comes back next year. We anticipate that we will provide care to approximately two hundred people per day.


HC: How is this service trip different than other service trips offered at the University of Scranton?

IM: Since this service trip is nursing based, we will be using the skills that we have learned in order to help others. Each clinic that we set up will have different stations to effectively treat the patients. We will be sending them home with medication and supplies that they might need. Also, any leftover supplies that we have will be donated, even the suitcases that we are using to bring the supplies!


HC: What part of the trip are you most looking forward to?

IM: I’m looking forward to making a difference in any way that I can! I think that it is a really unique opportunity to use my specialized skills in an area where people really need it.


HC: What inspires you to work with and for organizations like this one?

IM: As a student of a Jesuit university, we have learned about Jesuit values, including the importance of being “men and women for others.” These values have been engraved into me and it’s finally my turn to take advantage of a great opportunity and make a difference! I am so grateful to have the chance and the support of so many people who have helped make it possible for us to go on this trip.


HC: What are you hoping to gain from this experience?

IM: Besides helping those in need, I think that it is an amazing opportunity to broaden and humble my perspective of the world, challenge my comfort zone, and hopefully learn more about myself and others.


HC: Will you continue projects like this in the future?

IM: I would love to get involved in other service groups on campus including the ISP trips through the University and the Leahy Clinic!


 For any additional information on the trip or for a place to donate to this great cause, click here

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