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Dear Parents, From Your College Student

Years ago was my first day of kindergarten. I don’t specifically remember anything about it but I do remember my mom treasuring that moment forever as I stood on the bus steps posing while she snapped her camera away. That “photo shoot” became a yearly tradition. Each year, mom would have to photograph my first day of school standing on the bus steps. The older I got, the more embarrassed I became. While all of the other kids were waiting and watching, my mom documented such a monumental moment. Thankfully, she stopped doing that once I reached high school. If I had the opportunity now, I would be ecstatic to pose for mom as she photographed me on the steps, but unfortunately there’s no bus for me anymore. Although, I really wish there was because… uh wow the walk to my dorm is giving me defined calves. It seems so long ago now, as I’m a sophomore in college, but it’s the little things that leave the biggest impact.


Here at school, I have to be independent because dad isn’t here to make my favorite breakfast on Saturday mornings and make sure that I have clean clothes every week. I have been doing a good job with that so far, so thank you both for teaching me so well. School is where I have my freedom: to be able to do what I want, say whatever I want and go wherever I want without having to check in with anybody. As liberating as that sounds, it’s not as cracked up as it seems. There is a sense of importance that goes along with having to text mom every step I take. It would let me know that you both always cared, but of course in the most annoying way possible. Now I have to train myself not to text them that I’m going out with friends, or that I have a long weekend of studying ahead. It is almost amusing how when I was living at home I barely wanted to just sit down and talk, because I knew that I’d always have the chance to tomorrow. Yet now, I’m almost dying for your attention. It is crazy how things change, but you always warned me this is how it would be. Parents really do know best.


It’s funny because almost three-hundred and forty words later and I haven’t touched on the most important part, how thankful I am for what you both have done to get me to where I am today. It wasn’t easy raising a large family, having jobs, being involved in our school, having pets. However, you both always made it seem so effortless. Despite how long or hard of a day either of you had, when you came home it was like none of that mattered anymore, because we were all together. Especially when we all sat down together for dinner, the weight of the world was momentarily lifted as we basked in each other’s company. So in a typical young adult fashion, I am going to blame you both for making it so hard for me to be away from home. If you both didn’t make being home so enjoyable, I simply wouldn’t miss it so much. But despite how much I miss those random moments, where the universe would seem to align just right and our whole family would be getting along, I am thankful for what you both have taught me over the years.


As I take each step in the direction of my dreams, I owe all the credit to you, Mom and Dad. I could not be any more proud to say everything that I know comes from you both. You have inspired me to work to my fullest potential in order to make the most out of the life that I was given. You’ve taught me to love myself for whom I am, flaws and all. Including to not change who I am and what I believe in order to gain the acceptance from others. You’ve taught me a powerful mantra to stand by: I have the power to achieve whatever I put my mind to. Being away at school has taught me to be grateful to have not one, but two parents who have given everything to get me where I am today. I vow to continue working as hard as I can in order to continue making you both proud.


There are a thousand ways to express the gratitude I feel towards you both, but I will do so with a touch of simplicity. For all that you’ve done for me Mom and Dad, I say thank you.


-With all of the love,

Your College Student

Caitlin is sophomore Early and Primary Education major here at the U. Pizza is her ultimate love, but traveling comes in as a close second. So far she has been to Ireland, France and 12 states, but hopefully by the time she graduates that list will be too long for this biography.
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