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Pets are with you through all your hardships and times of joy. They give you love and attention- they are a part of your family. Losing a pet is painful. I lost my dog a few years ago and although the pain will never go away, I have made peace with his passing. There are three main things coping mechanisms that I recommend to anyone who has faced a similar loss. They may not replace the warmth and joy brought by your pet, but they help keep your pet’s memory alive. 


Keep a Momentum from Your Pet 

I was sent my dog’s paw print from the vet, and I decided to hang it up where he used to sleep to give me a reminder of his presence. This helps me know he is always with me and watching over my family. You can also keep their collar or dog tags, so you always have a part of them with you.

Read the Rainbow Bridge Poem 

This poem is a heartfelt reminder that one day you will meet again with your beloved pet. Although it may be sad to be reminded of your loss, the poem helps give hope and paints a beautiful picture where your pet is safe and cared for. Reading it can give you peace that their suffering is over and that they are in a better place.

Tell Fun Stories About your Pet

Loss is a hard topic to bring up, but it can be made easier when you talk about all the good memories you had with the pet you lost. Reliving these moments can bring you back to a time when they were with you. The happiness and warmth felt from the stories will help outweigh the sad feelings that arise. Remembering funny stories about them can turn your tears into laughter.

Caitlin O'Dowd

Scranton '22

Hi I am Caitlin! I love dogs and seeing broadway musicals. "Live life in full bloom"
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