Confessions of a Girl Who Studied Abroad

Studying abroad is simply magical. Time spent traveling will be some of your best memories. From experiencing a new culture to unforgettable adventures and memories, exploring is a must in your college years. I loved hearing about stories and tips from people who had previously been abroad before I went to Florence, Italy in January! Now I have my own to share!

Here are some tips from one of the best times in my life:


1. Get out of your comfort zone!!

Try new foods, visit museums, talk to the people of the country and walk around! Some of my favorite times in Florence were just wandering the streets (only getting lost a few times) taking in the sights and being completely amazed at what I was seeing. Go places and do things you normally wouldn’t!

2. Embrace the culture

Whether you are trying a new food, hopping on a train to a new destination or attempting to speak the native language, always keep an open mind! By simply saying please and thank you in the native language of the country, you’ll feel more immersed in the culture.

3. See as much as you can

Explore, explore, explore! You never know if you will be back in that country ever again! Grab a cappuccino and attempt to ignore the jetlag. You will never regret exploring! Even if you are unsure of something, just do it. Wake up early to catch a train, take a bus to a little town or walk the extra mile – it will be so worth it.

4. Take pictures of EVERYTHING!

Because when studying for an exam, writing papers and trying to keep up with everything, looking through your abroad pictures will be the perfect pick-me-up and motivation. You will definitely need those pictures to hang all over your walls at school because you could never be reminded too much about your travels. And trust me, you will miss it every, single day. Even take pictures of all your food…

5. Get comfortable with where you’re living

Being in a new country could be scary, but living on your own in a completely new place could be even scarier. But don’t stress too much! You will quickly learn your way around and become content in your new surroundings. It is crazy how fast you will be able to call a new place home.

6. Enjoy every moment

You will never relive this exact moment with the people you traveled with! Traveling abroad taught me so many things, especially how enormous and amazing our world truly is. You may never have that moment back, but you will always know that you left a piece of your heart there. My biggest piece of advice would be to live in the moment and fall in love with those memories which you will have for a lifetime.


 “I haven’t been everywhere, but it’s on my list.”