Confessions of a Coffee-holic

When I was young, I envied my mother as she sipped her daily dose of coffee every morning. I remember seeing her transform into a different person after only a few sips. But, do I remember MY first cup of coffee? Nope. I’ll never know when I discovered love for my favorite drink. My coffee addiction has definitely developed at an exponential rate- so fast that it has become a way of life. So here it is, confessions of a coffee-holic.

Before coffee me vs. after coffee me are two totally different sights. My day officially starts after I have my venti-iced coffee with extra ice and room for milk from Starbucks. The fancy Starbucks drinks are too basic for my liking. And adding a flavor pretty much ruins it for me. I’m honored, yet slightly embarrassed when the Starbucks ladies ask me if I’m getting the "usual." The stronger the coffee the better the coffee. Decaf is not in my vocabulary. The majority of my paycheck goes to feeding my habit.

Hot coffee turning cold is just as bad as iced coffee becoming too watery. And when I go home, I will go out of my way to go to my favorite coffee spot. If I go at least one day without coffee… well pshh that has never happened. There’s no such thing as too much coffee. Because I’m not ashamed to say that I depend on coffee to make it through my day. There’s a fine line between wanting coffee and needing coffee. My dependency on coffee has become a way of life more so than a daily routine.